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Music isn’t just a hobby for Sr. Writer Corey Licht, the newest member of the Consumer Core Content team. While Licht’s musical creations are a labor of love, it was the intersection of music and technology that brought him to the legal profession in the first place. Licht said he took an interest in the law in the early 2000’s, when Napster and other controversial file-sharing sites came under fire for copyright infringement.

Napster was shut down by court order in 2001, giving rise to legitimate digital music services. Licht, meanwhile, continued to stake out his niche.

“I’ve always been involved in music and writing, so when these new forms of digital distribution became widespread, I became interested in the legal implications of their use,” said Licht, who currently spends much of his free time producing hip-hop music (i.e. “dropping beats”) for Bay Area rappers.

FindLaw Separates TV Fiction from Legal Fact With 2 New Series

Blame it on television.

For better or for worse, television empowers us to believe that we are knowledgeable and capable. We watch crime dramas, and suddenly we’re experts on forensic evidence. We watch do-it-yourself programs on TLC or HGTV, and we become convinced that we can renovate a home.

But sometimes, it’s best to get a second opinion regarding the reality behind a concept or idea depicted on television. That’s why FindLaw’s new blog series — Legal How-To and Good Wife, Good Law — can help readers distinguish between legal fact and Hollywood fiction.

The law is not carved in stone, but changes with the times. Ideally, it is a reflection of our collective values as interpreted through the Constitution. New laws are passed by legislation and ballot initiatives; old laws are rewritten; and countless laws both new and old are challenged in court. It's this tension and sense of continuous renewal that makes our legal system so dynamic.'s Learn About the Law section also is in a constant state of refinement. Obviously, our legal content must keep up with changes in the law. But additional consideration must be given to how well our material is presented and how easy it is for our users to find. To this end, we are devoting much of 2013 to combing through our LATL articles and resources in an effort to improve the user experience.

We call it "Project Refine and Shine," or "R&S" for short.

The April 15 tax deadline is just a few days away, but procrastinators don't need to panic: has a wide range of resources to make Tax Day less taxing.

It's estimated that about 20% of American adults are chronic procrastinators, one expert tells NPR. That means a significant number of taxpayers are probably in a bit of a predicament right now, and may be trying to calculate their next move.

So how can help taxpayers with their last-minute preparations? Here are three ways to take advantage of our website's array of offerings without having to deduct too much time out of your day:

Survey Says... FindLaw Readers' Opinions Matter

For more than 30 years, Americans have tuned into "Family Feud," a game show that features ordinary families facing off to guess the top responses to survey questions. The host will offer a prompt like "Name a place you visit where you aren't allowed to touch anything," and players will shout responses like "Museum!" and "Zoo!," attempting to win a cash prize.

But a "Family Feud" survey exists only to create topics for the show. At the end of the day, the answers are reported and discarded.

At FindLaw, we view surveys differently. Here, survey responses represent the beginning of an inquiry, not the end. Throughout the year, we constantly analyze survey data to learn how we can improve the consumer experience.