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When big news breaks at the U.S. Supreme Court, FindLaw's social media team springs into action with blog posts, Facebook and Twitter updates, and links in our popular newsletters.

But just how do we stay on top of breaking Court news in order to keep our readers and followers informed?

Take Tuesday's big ruling on the Voting Rights Act as an example. Even before the Supreme Court released its opinion about 10:15 a.m. Eastern time, FindLaw's bloggers were on the case.

Right on the Button: Why FindLaw is Obsessed With Buttons

When the request for a post about FindLaw’s usage of buttons was handed down from above, my response was, “Buttons?”

Because seriously, who cares about buttons? A button is a button. Big, small, red, or tall, as long as you can click it, why does it matter?

After digging through surveys, research, and user interface and user experience guidelines, there it was: my Internet life, a slideshow of online frustrations past, spelled out in a series of misplaced and nonexistent buttons.

FindLaw's Circuit Blogs Bring News, Updates, a Little Humor

Want to know what’s happening in your neck of the woods? There’s a blog for that. Our circuit-based blogs are designed to provide our legal professional readers with everything from current case law to judicial happenings in a easy to read and share format!

Here’s what you need to know about FindLaw’s circuit-based blogs:

Most of us learn about criminal law through television crime dramas, which often get it wrong, and news stories (which still sometimes get it wrong). We especially enjoy reading cautionary tales of celebrities who have gone astray. It's hard to look away when, for example, pop star Justin Bieber is busted (again) for speeding, or Lindsay Lohan pleads guilty to reckless driving in exchange for a 90-day stint in rehab.

We also learn about criminal law when tragedy strikes. After the owner of four pit bulls that fatally mauled a jogger was charged with murder, our FindLaw Blotter blog described the different degrees of murder and how this may apply to the defendant's case.

So while the headlines grab our collective attention, it's helpful to know how regular people can defend against criminal charges and otherwise navigate the high stakes world of criminal law. That's where Learn About the Law's (LATL) Criminal Law section comes in.