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FindLaw's Legal 'Shark Week' Takes a Bite Out of Stereotypes

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By Brett Snider, Esq. on August 06, 2013 4:07 PM

The Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" is probably more prominent than Presidents Day on many American calendars, and FindLaw's Legal Professional Blogs aren't skippng a beat in providing our readers with some sharky goodness.

After all, who better to talk about sharks than lawyers, as we're commonly maligned as "sharks" for (seemingly) preying on the weak and using overly aggressive tactics in litigation.

Much like real sharks, however, lawyers' ruthless reputations are often exaggerated. And FindLaw's Legal "Shark Week" is taking a bite out of those stereotypes.

#LegalSharkWeek Makes a Splash

Running the gamut from legal oddities to practical tips on how to become a smarter, more shark-like lawyer, our Legal "Shark Week" posts are proving that we may need a bigger boat blog.

For the uninitiated, "Shark Week" is a week-long programming block on the Discovery Channel which covers... you guessed it: sharks. (It does not, however, include the new cult disaster movie "Sharknado," whose filming at the very least provided a few weeks of free meals and lodging for Tara Reid.)

But there's nothing B-rated about FindLaw's Legal "Shark Week" content, which not only keeps our legal professionals moving at shark-speed but also gives our legal consumer audience something to chew on.

For starters:

And look for more Legal "Shark Week" offerings from our legal professional blogs as the week progresses.

And Fin-ally...

But what if you don't work in the legal industry? Well, not even our legal consumer blogs are safe from Legal "Shark Week." Head to our Legal Grounds blog for "5 Shark Laws You May Not Know About," covering a handful of regulations that protect sharks and prevent the sale of their parts.

What's black and white (and orange and blue) and read all over? FindLaw's "Shark Week" content!

Make sure not to miss the feeding frenzy as our team of lawyer-bloggers continue to chum the Internet waters with legal tips and trivia freshly blended for our shark-loving readers.

Have a suggestion for Legal "Shark Week"? Send us a tweet at @FindLawLP with the hashtag #LegalSharkWeek or post a comment at our FindLaw for Legal Professionals Facebook page.

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