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Having trouble understanding Obamacare? You're not alone. Surveys suggest significant numbers of Americans don't know about key parts of the health care law, or how it will affect them and their families.

For example, Reuters reports that more than 70 percent of young people in Massachusetts between 19 and 29 didn't know about the state's health insurance exchanges, which are set to open October 1. With partisan opinions dominating much of the debate over Obamacare, it's no wonder many people are perplexed.

Our prescription for Obamacare confusion: a new series of blog posts by FindLaw's team of lawyer-bloggers. We're calling it "Understanding Obamacare."

10 Frequently Asked Questions About FindLaw Answers

The FindLaw Answers community is one of our most ambitious projects, providing an open forum for legal professionals to weigh in on legal issues submitted by our very own users.

Since some FindLaw users may not be too familiar with Answers, here are 10 of the most common questions (and, of course, answers) that get at the heart of FindLaw's interactive, information-packed forum:

Life is unpredictable. Bad things happen to the best of us, often when we least expect it; our legal system is designed to handle many of these incidents after they occur.

But guess what? Life can also be very predictable in many ways. All of us will eventually get old and die, for instance -- hopefully with a valid will in place. Most of us will pay federal income taxes, and many of us will get married, apply for a credit card, adopt a child, or get divorced. Some of us might even start a small business.

When someone plows into the back of your car, can help you figure out what to do next. But we know you're savvy and would like to avoid legal predicaments whenever possible. That's what our new Legal Planning section is all about.

Back to Law School Week Brings Bad Memories, Good Advice

Everyone has a bad memory from law school. Our fashionable editor, Tanya Roth, actually listened to the dean's advice and abstained from using commercial outlines in her first year (much to her chagrin). I was stung on the tongue by a bee on the way to Evidence Law. And editor Andrew Chow was once called on in Contracts class and cried (okay, that probably didn't happen).

The point is, we've been there. FindLaw's blog team is staffed by real, live law graduates. We bring our collective expertise, learned lessons from past mistakes, and (sometimes debatable) wit, sarcasm, and creativity to bear on every issue we cover, including the much-dreaded return to law school.