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10 Frequently Asked Questions About FindLaw Answers

By Brett Snider, Esq. on September 17, 2013 4:33 PM

The FindLaw Answers community is one of our most ambitious projects, providing an open forum for legal professionals to weigh in on legal issues submitted by our very own users.

Since some FindLaw users may not be too familiar with Answers, here are 10 of the most common questions (and, of course, answers) that get at the heart of FindLaw's interactive, information-packed forum:

  1. What is FindLaw Answers? Answers is a user-powered community that serves to provide quick access to legal resources and advice which is specifically tailored to user-posted legal questions and issues.
  2. Who can be part of the Answers community? Anyone is free to browse and to join FindLaw Answers. Our registered users include men and women from across the nation, including practicing and retired attorneys.
  3. How much does it cost to join? Like the vast majority of the legal resources on, joining Answers is free!
  4. What kind of questions can I ask on Answers? FindLaw Answers hosts a dozen separate message boards which focus on the most common legal areas -- like criminal law and immigration -- with more than 40 sub-forums for even more in-depth discussion.
  5. Is there any spam on Answers? Not if our FindLaw Answers moderators can help it! These trained professionals scour each forum for irritating ads and spambots, while also pointing Answers users toward the legal resources they need.
  6. Do Answers moderators dispense legal advice? Our Answers moderators will not give legal advice, but they do link users to helpful FindLaw blogs or Learn About the Law articles, as well as ways to find attorneys for their legal problem and locale.
  7. Can users give legal advice? Absolutely. FindLaw Answers has several prolific posters, like user Tax_Counsel (whose profile you can only view if you're registered), who are licensed to practice law. They typically give detailed, thoughtful answers to users' legal questions.
  8. Is Answers safe from Internet bullies? Certainly no forum is entirely free from flame wars or immature bickering. But rest assured that FindLaw's moderators are "listening in" on each forum to make sure the conversation is civil. If users use profanity or harass other users, then our moderators will act to discipline or ban them.
  9. What happens if I post on Answers? Hopefully, you'll receive the advice and/or resources you need, and your issue may become the inspiration for a FindLaw blog post, like our recent post on "no contest" pleas and job applications.
  10. Can I share the cool and helpful Answers I receive from my question? Yes you can -- and please do! Since July, FindLaw Answers has featured nifty "share" buttons that allows legal professionals and consumers to share posts via Facebook, Twitter, email, and other social networks.

Head over to FindLaw Answers today and join the legal conversation!

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