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Year in Review: 5 Cool New Features Added to in 2013

As the ball drops tonight on another successful year (with Justice Sonia Sotomayor leading the countdown in New York's Times Square), try to remember the words to that old New Year's song (that's "Auld Lang Syne" -- you're welcome).

And while you're letting old acquaintances be forgot, don't forget about the five coolest new features that rolled out in 2013. Here's a quick recap:

FindLaw's Favorite Legal (and Non-Legal) Movies for a Holiday at Home

After you've finished your holiday shopping, you may be curled up and ready to wait out the holidays at home.

You're in luck, Christmas couch potatoes, because the lawyers on FindLaw's Audience Team have some killer movie recommendations for you and yours.

Here are some of our favorite flicks of the legal -- and not-so-legal -- variety:

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year ... for a Legal To-Do List

Here at FindLaw, we're putting together year-end reports, getting ready for vacations, ... and doing everything we can to clear our calendars so that we have plenty of time at the start of the year to produce quality content for you, our dear readers.

Besides, would you rather handle last year's procrastinated tasks, or next year's resolutions?

Nothing beats a "to-do" list to stop procrastinating. So without further ado, here are a few suggestions for what to put on your "legal to-do" list as the year wraps up:

For years, FindLaw's Learn About the Law (LATL) section has helped legal consumers make smart decisions about how to handle speeding tickets, divorce, tax issues, even criminal charges. We provide up-to-date information about federal and state laws, as well as practical advice for any number of legal matters. You'll also find sample documents and helpful worksheets.

But suppose you're looking for free legal aid in Columbia, Missouri. or need directions to a courthouse in Virginia Beach?

Look no further than our newly expanded State Laws section.

FindLaw Decks the Halls (and Our Blogs) With the Holiday Spirit

It's "officially" the holidays and FindLaw is taking time to join in on the festive spirit of the season.

So whether you're wrapping up Hanukkah celebrations (remember, latkes don't refrigerate well) or wrapping up Christmas presents, check out some things the FindLaw teams do to get into the holiday spirit: