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Each year, over 100 million people tune in to the Super Bowl. So even if you're not into football (American football, that is), there's no denying its importance in American culture and economics. And when anything influences the lives (and pocketbooks) of so many Americans, even for one day, it stands to reason that laws -- and lawyers -- will be involved.

Here are our Top 10 legal tips, in no particular order, for die-hard football fans, casual observers, bars and restaurant owners, and anyone else swept up by the frenzy of the Big Game:

Trending at Top 50 Legal Tweeters to Follow

As you know, strives to stay at the forefront of trending legal topics. Just in case you missed it, we seem to have hit social media gold with our recent list of 50 Twitter Accounts Lawyers Should Follow Religiously.

Starting 2014 off strong, this two-part blog series has received a cascade of visitors and positive feedback. Between Part I and Part II, they've garnered more than 100 tweets and more than 200 Facebook "likes" in a little more than a week.

So we decided to sit down with the author -- William Peacock, senior writer for FindLaw's Legal Professional Blogs -- to find out how these posts went viral:

FindLaw's Blog Team Gets a Bit Twitter Obsessed

Why is an active Twitter presence -- by our Legal Professionals and Consumers brands, and by our writers -- so important to us? And why have we been focusing so much on getting our writers' names out there?

FindLaw's Social Media Specialist Stephen Chang notes that employees have their own network of followers, who may or may not follow the company's account. Tweets coming from personalities, rather than companies, may be more inviting. Plus, you'll have an army of staff members tweeting about on social media, advancing the brand, rather than one man or woman.

Keeping those benefits in mind, FindLaw gave us blog writers a choice: do you want a "Follow the Author" button on your blogs?

Regardless of which holidays you observed between Thanksgiving and New Year's, you probably inhaled more fattening foods than you'd like to admit and perhaps imbibed a little more spirits than usual. Meanwhile, as the pumpkin pie and gravy works its "magic" on your belly and thighs, your unworn gym shoes continue to mock you from underneath the bed while you struggle just to get up.

So it's understandable that the typical New Year's Resolution involves the commitment to a gym membership. Health clubs tend to get really busy in January for this very reason, returning back to normal when enough newcomers renege on their resolutions (not you, of course!).

But what exactly are you signing up for? Even if you're personally committed to a healthier lifestyle, it's comforting to know that you have certain legal rights and protections with respect to your gym membership. Here are the basics: