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FindLaw Cyberbullying Survey: A Refresher for Parents has been conducting surveys on hot-button legal issues for years, but our latest survey illuminates a new spin on a relatively new problem -- cyberbullying.

What does this survey tell parents and their families about cyberbullying?

Managing Your Online Reputation: 3 Simple Tips for Lawyers

Reputation is a difficult thing to control, especially in the digital age. But online tools can help you wrench a good reputation from the jaws of Internet haters.

Since suing over negative reviews has proven to be hit or miss, here are three simple things lawyers can do to take charge of their online reputation:

5 Reasons Some of Us Love to Hate Valentine's Day

Some love Valentine's Day. It's a special day for them to celebrate their love, in the form of poems inscribed by hand on cards, sweets for your beloved, and a date night for an overstressed couple, free from work, the kids, etc.

Others see it for what it is: a miserable corporate exploitation of love. A day meant to remind us of our barren love life. Basically, it's Friday.

Here are five other reasons why some of us love to hate Valentine's Day:

Happy 10th birthday, Facebook! Not only has the social networking site gone from zero to more than 1 billion users over the past decade, but it's also served as fodder for countless legal blog posts here at

As you're probably well aware, Facebook use (and misuse) has led to firings, lawsuits, divorces, and even criminal charges. Since the inception of our legal blogs in 2005 (just a year after Facebook was founded), we've covered it all.

So to commemorate Facebook's 10th birthday, here are the 10 most popular Facebook-related blog posts from FindLaw's archives: