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Women's History Month: A Roundup of FindLaw's Best Blogs

Women's History Month is coming to a close, and if you've failed to take a few moments aside to observe the month-long celebration, we've got you covered.

Over the last few weeks, FindLaw's Consumer and Legal Professional blogs have discussed common legal problems that ladies face, celebrated a pioneer in combatting sexual harassment, and written a litany of posts on the advancement of women in the legal profession. And, of course, there was the wardrobe discussion.

Here's a sampling of how FindLaw's blogs focused on women this month:

FindLaw's #FirstTweet: Social Media Then and Now

Twitter -- one of FindLaw's neighbors in Silicon Valley -- turns 8 years old today. The social media messaging company is celebrating its anniversary by remembering a wave of #FirstTweets.

USA Today shared that Barack Obama's first tweet involved ending the war in Iraq, while Oprah Winfrey hilariously said "HI TWITTERS" [sic].

But more importantly, what did FindLaw say in our #FirstTweet?

Your Spring Break Lawyer Is Just a Click Away

If your Spring Break takes an unexpected legal turn, who you gonna call? Rest assured, an experienced lawyer is just a click or two away.

No matter if you're facing legal trouble in Florida, South Carolina, Texas, or anywhere else across the country, FindLaw's Lawyer Directory can connect you with some of the top attorneys in your area. Some lawyers even tout their experience with common Spring Break-related legal issues, such as drug- and alcohol-related infractions.

To make things easy for Spring Breakers, here are the cities deemed the nation's hottest Spring Break spots -- and links to some local lawyers if you happen to need one:

The law is not etched in stone, but rather serves as a reflection of society's ever-changing views on liberty and justice, anchored by its founding principles. Most major shifts in the law take time -- involving the mobilization of countless individuals and the often-frustrating mechanics of politics -- before bubbling to the surface in the form of a new statute or court ruling.

If it's "settled" law (relatively speaking), you can read about it in's authoritative Learn About the Law section. Our Legal Blog Network, meanwhile, provides clear, legalese-free analysis of legal news and common legal issues.

OK, but what if you want to know what happened this morning, or even 15 minutes ago? Look no further than FindLaw's Legal Pulse.