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Confused by Disability Insurance Claims? FindLaw's Top 5 Tips

A disability can cause anxiety and hardship for the disabled person and family members alike. When filing a disability insurance claim, the process can be a major stressor in what is already a trying time.

That's why FindLaw has been focusing this month on demystifying the laws about disability and helping you get the most out of your disability insurance claim.

While every person's case is different, here are our Top 5 tips to help clarify the disability claims process:

The No. 1 Way to Find a Lawyer: Go Online, FindLaw Survey Says

Although this may not shock you, a new FindLaw survey reveals that consumers are using the Internet more than any other method to search for lawyers.

Mind blown? Collect the shards of your skull from the corners of the room and check out our stats.

Not unlike the fragrant smoke cascading from Willie Nelson's tour bus, myths about the origins of "4/20" (or "4:20") swirl and obscure the true origins of the official stoners' holiday.

According to one erroneous explanation, "420" was the police code for "marijuana smoking in progress." Other stories suggest it correlated with a daily after-school smoking session, which would commence at 4:20 p.m.

That last one is at least partially correct. But the true origin of the pot smoker's holiday is actually much more interesting. And if you choose to indulge this Easter, or on any day, make sure you understand the law (we'll get to that in a bit).

Got a DUI? 5 Ways FindLaw Can Help (That Won't Cost You a Dime)

Driving under the influence. It's a common mistake -- one that can carry enormous consequences for your license, your bank account, and perhaps even your freedom.

If you've made the mistake of getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, has a number of online resources to help guide you through the legal system every step of the way.

From your initial traffic stop to your day in court, here are five helpful (and free!) FindLaw resources and how to get the most out of each:

FindLaw Is Your Link to Free Local Legal Aid

Looking for free legal aid but not sure where to turn? Look no further than FindLaw's State Laws section, which now links you to local legal resources from coast to coast.

FindLaw has always provided coverage of national topics and legal issues. But recently, our Learn About the Law team has been working tirelessly (with coffee, of course) to create city-specific pages highlighting free and low-cost legal aid for 100 different metro areas.

So how do you access FindLaw's free legal aid pages, and what exactly do they offer?

It's April, which means it's time to dust off the old baseball mitt, put away those winter clothes (all apologies to those still shoveling snow), and enjoy the lengthening days of spring. But while April signals a shift away from the winter doldrums, it's also a time to reflect on three particularly challenging and/or distressing topics: autism, distracted driving, and sexual assault. Besides sharing the same month of awarenss, these otherwise unrelated things can potentially impact each one of us.

So in honor of Autism Awareness Month, Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, would like to, well, increase the awareness.

Here are a few resources we'd like to highlight: