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FindLaw's 'Legal Shark Week II': Tips, Types, and Musical Tunes

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By William Peacock, Esq. on August 15, 2014 9:47 AM

You may have noticed that it is the Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week. You may have even cared. You may have also heard lawyers referred to as "sharks" once or twice in the 1950s. (Today, we use much less polite terms for attorneys, like ambulance chaser, shyster, or other things that aren't fit to print.)

Ladies and gents of the legal professional persuasion: We present to you FindLaw's "Legal Shark Week II," which wraps up today. What do our legal blog posts have to do with the Discovery Channel? Not a darn thing. But hey, it's a fun theme for blogging.

Take a look at what you may have missed:

We're Taking 'Shark' Back

Some might see "shark" as an insult. Phooey. We see it as a compliment: Someone is labeling us as a tough, strong, ferocious advocate for our clients. There are worse things in the dictionary to be called. As we noted in a pair of "Legal Shark Week" posts from last year (on the Top 10 Lawyer Sharks of All Time and whether being called a shark is all that bad), we've taken "shark" back.

This Year's Shark Attack

Let's start with the soundtrack: a shark-related playlist. I scoured the ends of the earth, also known as others' playlists on the Internet, to find 12 shark-related songs that would appeal to a wide range of people. Did I succeed?

Hall and Oates? Check. Variety? Check.

On the technology front, we talked about being a social media shark (managing your own online persona, as well as gathering intel on others) and being a tech-savvy shark (metadata, e-discovery, and again, social media).

And then there's you. Do you want to be a shark? We have a few suggestions for law schools. And do you want to know yourself? Let's talk about what kind of shark you actually are.

It's Like a Theme Party

Maybe you're not a shark. Maybe you're a unicorn or a fox or some other lawyerly animal. That's fair. Think of FindLaw's "Legal Shark Week" as a law school costume party: not everyone loves the theme, but after a few drinks, it really stops mattering, doesn't it?

We hope you had as much fun reading our "Legal Shark Week" blog posts as we had writing them. If there's a topic you'd like us to tackle for next year's "Legal Shark Week" (or any other week, for that matter), feel free to reach out to us via Twitter (@FindLawLP) and/or Facebook (FindLaw for Legal Professionals).

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