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FindLaw's SCOTUS Week: Celebrating the Return of The Nine

SCOTUS Week at FindLaw

We'll admit it: We're a little bit obsessed with the Supreme Court. And by a little bit, we mean Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia are our desktop wallpapers. We follow everything the justices do (in their professional capacities -- we're not creepy), so when the Court goes on break for the summer, we feel the void of their absence.

That's why, with the Court's October 2014 Term finally underway, we celebrated in our typical style: by blogging obsessively. For (nearly) every federal circuit, we covered the already granted petitions -- even the incredibly obscure ones -- both for your reading pleasure, and also so that when the Court does issue its decisions, we'll be prepared.

Here's everything from FindLaw's "SCOTUS Week," presented in a massive list:

FindLaw's U.S. Supreme Court Blog had the most coverage (naturally), with six posts over the past week:

FindLaw's U.S. First Circuit Blog: One is the loneliest number this year. Last year, the Fourth Circuit was shut out of the initial grants. This year, it's the First Circuit that stays home -- for now.

FindLaw's U.S. Second Circuit Blog: 2 Is the [Second] Loneliest Circuit: Only 1 SCOTUS Grant So Far This Term

FindLaw's U.S. Third Circuit Blog: U.S. v. Elonis: 'Rap Lyrics' Case Isn't Really About Rap Lyrics

FindLaw's U.S. Fourth Circuit Blog:

FindLaw's U.S. Fifth Circuit Blog: SCOTUS to Hear Fair Housing Discrimination Case From Texas

FindLaw's U.S. Sixth Circuit Blog:

FindLaw's U.S. Seventh Circuit Blog: 7th Cir. SCOTUS Grants: Anna Nicole Smith's Ghost, EEOC Reviewability

FindLaw's U.S. Eighth Circuit Blog: SCOTUS Will Hear At Least 5 Cases From 8th Cir. This Term

FindLaw's U.S. Ninth Circuit Blog:

FindLaw's U.S. Tenth Circuit Blog: From the 10th: The 2 Most Boring SCOTUS Grants of the Term (So Far)

FindLaw's U.S. Eleventh Circuit Blog: 11th Cir. SCOTUS Grants: Fish Shrinkage, Cell Tower, Railroad Tax

FindLaw's D.C. Circuit Blog: SCOTUS Grants 4 Cases From D.C. Cir. So Far, All About Gov't Power

FindLaw's Federal Circuit Blog: 2 Very Different Fed. Cir. Cases on SCOTUS' Docket

FindLaw's Technologist: Google Asks SCOTUS to Rescue Android From Oracle, Fed. Cir.

FindLaw's In House: Amazon's SCOTUS Case: Pay Employees in Line for Security Check?

Of course, our obsession with the High Court isn't limited to "SCOTUS Week." Bookmark our U.S. Supreme Court Blog and follow us on Twitter (@FindLawLP) so you don't miss any of our coverage.