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December 2014 Archives

Thanks to you, our visitors, saw tremendous growth this past year: Visits to many of our Learn About the Law topic sections more than doubled in 2014. But in our eyes, the true mark of success lies in the countless stories of people who successfully turned to FindLaw for help -- for example, learning how to file a claim for a wage violation or how to start the adoption process.

We take our work seriously because we know it involves real people's lives, often in times of crisis. (In fact, we'd love to hear your stories of how FindLaw helped you get out of a legal jam -- please let us know via Facebook and Twitter!)

As the year draws to a close, we'd like to leave you with the 10 fastest-growing Learn About the Law sections -- those that saw the greatest increase in visitors in 2014:

FindLaw's Top 10 Legal Professional Blog Posts for 2014 has been around since the days of Lycos and Excite, AOL and Prodigy, Backstreet Boys and N'SYNC. And though our blogs haven't been around for quite that long, each year we've been reaching new heights.

Not to be outdone, 2014 saw better traffic and another "Blawg 100" award nomination from the ABA Journal. And behind the traffic and the awards is the most important thing of all: better content.

What was that content? What did lawyers like to read about? Here are our Top 10 Legal Professional blog posts for 2014:

FindLaw's Top 10 Consumer Blog Posts for 2014

The year is coming to a close, but we can't say goodbye to 2014 without considering some of the "greatest hits" from FindLaw's consumer-focused legal blogs.

Every year, FindLaw's Blogs cover topics that consumers can't get enough of: law enforcement questions, viral video liability, and even reality TV court battles.

So what did consumers love most about 2014? Here are 2014's Top 10 Consumer Blog posts:

Life, Work, Holidays, Oh No! FindLaw and Work/Life Balance

My editor gently reminded me yesterday it was time for me to get writing this month's From the Managing Editor post. Um, what? It was just November three seconds ago. Can I get a show of hands for all who think Halloween was yesterday, and are afraid that New Year's is tomorrow?

Such is life during this part of the year, where things speed up until you can't catch your breath. Oh yes, and you still have work to do. A lot.

Vote for FindLaw's Technologist Blog in the ABA's 'Blawg 100'!

Last year, for the first time ever, FindLaw made the American Bar Association's "Blawg 100." In fact, until the final week of voting, our Technologist blog had a strong lead in the popular vote in the Legal Tech category. Alas, much like my Kansas City Royals' charmed run to the World Series, we had to settle for second place.

This year, however, we hope that you'll help us reach the top. Our Technologist blog is once again on the ABA's "Blawg 100" list, and once again, the ABA wants your votes for your favorite blogs -- which, of course, includes us. (Right?)