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April Is Distracted Driving Month

April Fools' Day is behind us, and Tax Day is starting to fade from memory. But before April -- also known as Distracted Driving Month -- comes to a close, you should remind yourself of the distracted driving laws that exist in your and many other states.

To get you started here are some legal reminders about what to do (and not do) when you're behind the wheel.

Have you ever wondered what a family court in Texas considers before making a child custody decision? Or how about trade practices determined to be deceptive under California law? Perhaps you purchased a new car in Indiana that isn't quite working as advertised and you need to learn more about the state's lemon laws.

Whether you need to defend against a drunk driving charge, would like to adopt a child, or need to know how much your landlord may legally require for a security deposit -- most legal processes are governed by state laws. is certainly the most knowledgeable source for legal information on these here interwebs, but where did we get all this legal knowledge from? Easy: Wikipedia.


Almost all of us amassed our considerable legal expertise in law school, while the others are just that smart. Here's a little rundown of the institutions to which FindLaw's best and brightest owe mountains of law school debt.