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Let's be honest: practically no one enjoys the prospect of hiring a lawyer. Not even lawyers themselves. But, like a good auto mechanic, you're always glad they're around when you need one. The law, like an automatic transmission, is complicated and requires the know-how of a trained professional -- even though it can be frustrating to not understand what it is you're paying for. Life is full of risks; so it pays to understand the process of hiring a lawyer when you need help filing a successful injury claim, defending against a frivolous lawsuit, or staying out of prison.

Just like your car will need maintenance and repair throughout its lifetime, you most likely will need a lawyer at some point. FindLaw's extensive Guide to Hiring a Lawyer will help you determine whether you need counsel, how to choose the right lawyer, and how to make sense of attorney fees and agreements. Below, we discuss three essential articles from the section:

Losing an Employee: FindLaw's Real Ideas for Making It Through

Small business owners, school principals, circus ring masters, heck -- anyone who manages people will understand this statement: Losing a great employee sucks. Just when you have someone who does solid work and who you and your team rely on -- poof. They're gone as soon as they say, "Hey boss, can I talk to you for a second?"


I really don't want to talk to anyone when they say that because I know what's coming.

We're nearing the end of January, which for many Americans means two things: It's time to get ready for the Super Bowl, and time to get started on your personal income taxes.

As you may recall, FindLaw Insider tackled 10 Super Bowl-related legal issues this time last year, in a blog post that's worth revisiting. So this year, we're going to kick off tax season with some frequently asked questions -- and answers.

What are some of the most common queries about tax law that we field here at Here are five:

How I Met Your Mother's Legal Needs at

Mother's Day is almost upon us. Instead of overpriced lotions and hastily bought greeting cards, why not help your mom get her legal ducks in a row?

Let's face it, your mother probably already has a mug (or two... or three) that say "World's No. 1 Mom," and flower arrangements will quickly wither. But does your mom have an updated estate plan, an advance directive, or a durable financial power of attorney?

Turn to for these simple ways to meet your mother's legal needs:

Got a DUI? 5 Ways FindLaw Can Help (That Won't Cost You a Dime)

Driving under the influence. It's a common mistake -- one that can carry enormous consequences for your license, your bank account, and perhaps even your freedom.

If you've made the mistake of getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, has a number of online resources to help guide you through the legal system every step of the way.

From your initial traffic stop to your day in court, here are five helpful (and free!) FindLaw resources and how to get the most out of each:

Regardless of which holidays you observed between Thanksgiving and New Year's, you probably inhaled more fattening foods than you'd like to admit and perhaps imbibed a little more spirits than usual. Meanwhile, as the pumpkin pie and gravy works its "magic" on your belly and thighs, your unworn gym shoes continue to mock you from underneath the bed while you struggle just to get up.

So it's understandable that the typical New Year's Resolution involves the commitment to a gym membership. Health clubs tend to get really busy in January for this very reason, returning back to normal when enough newcomers renege on their resolutions (not you, of course!).

But what exactly are you signing up for? Even if you're personally committed to a healthier lifestyle, it's comforting to know that you have certain legal rights and protections with respect to your gym membership. Here are the basics:

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year ... for a Legal To-Do List

Here at FindLaw, we're putting together year-end reports, getting ready for vacations, ... and doing everything we can to clear our calendars so that we have plenty of time at the start of the year to produce quality content for you, our dear readers.

Besides, would you rather handle last year's procrastinated tasks, or next year's resolutions?

Nothing beats a "to-do" list to stop procrastinating. So without further ado, here are a few suggestions for what to put on your "legal to-do" list as the year wraps up:

10 Frequently Asked Questions About FindLaw Answers

The FindLaw Answers community is one of our most ambitious projects, providing an open forum for legal professionals to weigh in on legal issues submitted by our very own users.

Since some FindLaw users may not be too familiar with Answers, here are 10 of the most common questions (and, of course, answers) that get at the heart of FindLaw's interactive, information-packed forum:

FindLaw Separates TV Fiction from Legal Fact With 2 New Series

Blame it on television.

For better or for worse, television empowers us to believe that we are knowledgeable and capable. We watch crime dramas, and suddenly we’re experts on forensic evidence. We watch do-it-yourself programs on TLC or HGTV, and we become convinced that we can renovate a home.

But sometimes, it’s best to get a second opinion regarding the reality behind a concept or idea depicted on television. That’s why FindLaw’s new blog series — Legal How-To and Good Wife, Good Law — can help readers distinguish between legal fact and Hollywood fiction.

The April 15 tax deadline is just a few days away, but procrastinators don't need to panic: has a wide range of resources to make Tax Day less taxing.

It's estimated that about 20% of American adults are chronic procrastinators, one expert tells NPR. That means a significant number of taxpayers are probably in a bit of a predicament right now, and may be trying to calculate their next move.

So how can help taxpayers with their last-minute preparations? Here are three ways to take advantage of our website's array of offerings without having to deduct too much time out of your day: