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If you're not following FindLaw's blogs, you're missing out. Don't just take our word for it, take the ABA's. FindLaw's Technologist has been included in the ABA's 9th Annual Blawg 100, a list of 100 of the best legal blogs. This is the third time Technologist has made the ABA's top blogs list.

But while Technologist, a blog on legal technology news and developments for legal practitioners, may be winning praise, it's just one of the many great blogs FindLaw offers.

Willie Peacock Looks Back on FindLaw's Blogs, McDonald's Ice Cream

I remember my first job fondly. As a 15-year-old, I was hired at the nearby McDonald's, the fifth of five Peacock children to join the fast food ranks (and the fourth McCrew member).

Nobody likes working in fast food, especially not for $6 an hour. But I took pride in that job, and to date, there are a few accomplishments that stand out: being able to make the tallest soft-serve ice cream cone anyone has ever seen, being so fast at taking drive-through orders that I'd crash the entire store's computer system, and reciting every word of Ciara's "Goodies" while mopping up the lobby.

I expect I'll look back at FindLaw with a similar sense of pride. My editor asked me to toss out my 10 favorite posts of all time in classic listicle format, but after more than 3,400 posts, that would take all day -- and the Guinness is getting warm.

Instead, as always, I'm going to do it a little differently.

FindLaw's Top 10 Legal Professional Blog Posts for 2014 has been around since the days of Lycos and Excite, AOL and Prodigy, Backstreet Boys and N'SYNC. And though our blogs haven't been around for quite that long, each year we've been reaching new heights.

Not to be outdone, 2014 saw better traffic and another "Blawg 100" award nomination from the ABA Journal. And behind the traffic and the awards is the most important thing of all: better content.

What was that content? What did lawyers like to read about? Here are our Top 10 Legal Professional blog posts for 2014:

Vote for FindLaw's Technologist Blog in the ABA's 'Blawg 100'!

Last year, for the first time ever, FindLaw made the American Bar Association's "Blawg 100." In fact, until the final week of voting, our Technologist blog had a strong lead in the popular vote in the Legal Tech category. Alas, much like my Kansas City Royals' charmed run to the World Series, we had to settle for second place.

This year, however, we hope that you'll help us reach the top. Our Technologist blog is once again on the ABA's "Blawg 100" list, and once again, the ABA wants your votes for your favorite blogs -- which, of course, includes us. (Right?)

FindLaw's SCOTUS Week: Celebrating the Return of The Nine

SCOTUS Week at FindLaw

We'll admit it: We're a little bit obsessed with the Supreme Court. And by a little bit, we mean Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia are our desktop wallpapers. We follow everything the justices do (in their professional capacities -- we're not creepy), so when the Court goes on break for the summer, we feel the void of their absence.

That's why, with the Court's October 2014 Term finally underway, we celebrated in our typical style: by blogging obsessively. For (nearly) every federal circuit, we covered the already granted petitions -- even the incredibly obscure ones -- both for your reading pleasure, and also so that when the Court does issue its decisions, we'll be prepared.

Here's everything from FindLaw's "SCOTUS Week," presented in a massive list:

FindLaw's 'Legal Shark Week II': Tips, Types, and Musical Tunes

You may have noticed that it is the Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week. You may have even cared. You may have also heard lawyers referred to as "sharks" once or twice in the 1950s. (Today, we use much less polite terms for attorneys, like ambulance chaser, shyster, or other things that aren't fit to print.)

Ladies and gents of the legal professional persuasion: We present to you FindLaw's "Legal Shark Week II," which wraps up today. What do our legal blog posts have to do with the Discovery Channel? Not a darn thing. But hey, it's a fun theme for blogging.

Take a look at what you may have missed:

Introducing #DearFindLaw: Advice for New Lawyers, Law Students

#DearFindLaw - Advice for New Lawyers and Law Students from @FindLawLP

One of my favorite things to do is to respond to user-requested topics. Why? For one, it means I don't have to dig for topics. But more importantly, it means, in a small way, we can actually help somebody. (Plus, we know that at least one person will actually read and appreciate the post.)

With that in mind, we've decided to try something new. Introducing #DearFindLaw: an advice column on our Greedy Associates blog where every Friday (beginning this Friday), we'll answer reader-submitted questions regarding anything that might concern new and aspiring attorneys, from LSATs to law firm office gossip.

Of course, to make this work, we need your help.

How Many Blogs Are There? You May Be Surprised

Hey you. Yeah, you, person who is looking for free legal information. And you, the lawyer perusing cases and codes. Guess what? You're missing out on what some of us here (the bloggers) would say is the best part of our blogs.

And we have a lot of them.

Believe it or not, we're blogging all day long, for legal consumers and lawyers alike, about the biggest issues in the industry: notable cases, hilarious slip-ups, business tips for small firms, Kanye West's community service -- you know, the important things. And if you aren't compulsively clicking on our blogs, you're really missing out.

So just how many legal blogs do we have here at

Managing Your Online Reputation: 3 Simple Tips for Lawyers

Reputation is a difficult thing to control, especially in the digital age. But online tools can help you wrench a good reputation from the jaws of Internet haters.

Since suing over negative reviews has proven to be hit or miss, here are three simple things lawyers can do to take charge of their online reputation:

5 Reasons Some of Us Love to Hate Valentine's Day

Some love Valentine's Day. It's a special day for them to celebrate their love, in the form of poems inscribed by hand on cards, sweets for your beloved, and a date night for an overstressed couple, free from work, the kids, etc.

Others see it for what it is: a miserable corporate exploitation of love. A day meant to remind us of our barren love life. Basically, it's Friday.

Here are five other reasons why some of us love to hate Valentine's Day: