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Not On Board With Sky-High Airline Fees? Here's What You Can Do

We live in a wondrous age where you can rise to perilous heights at fantastic speeds, transporting yourself thousands of miles in mere hours for less than a week's wages.

Though we rarely stop to revel in this luxury, there are plenty of things about air travel that bring us back to earth. A recent survey finds that 84 percent of Americans are fed up with being "nickel and dimed" by airline fees. Airlines are increasingly charging for perks like checked bags and seat choice -- features that used to be free.

So as a level-headed air traveler, what can you do to soar above? Here are a few legal tips:

Survey Says... FindLaw Readers' Opinions Matter

For more than 30 years, Americans have tuned into "Family Feud," a game show that features ordinary families facing off to guess the top responses to survey questions. The host will offer a prompt like "Name a place you visit where you aren't allowed to touch anything," and players will shout responses like "Museum!" and "Zoo!," attempting to win a cash prize.

But a "Family Feud" survey exists only to create topics for the show. At the end of the day, the answers are reported and discarded.

At FindLaw, we view surveys differently. Here, survey responses represent the beginning of an inquiry, not the end. Throughout the year, we constantly analyze survey data to learn how we can improve the consumer experience.

Cyberbullying a Big News Topic on FindLaw

Cyberbullying is a growing concern among parents, teachers, lawmakers, and students alike.

In fact, cyberbullying has become quite a popular news topic on FindLaw lately.

Month after month, scores of readers come back to read a specific blog post that lays out a list of cyberbullying laws around the country. All that traffic must mean something, right? People are clearly concerned about children's online safety and privacy.

FindLaw Survey Finds Married Women 18-34 More Financially Savvy

When it comes to money and marriage, young women are more likely to know about and manage a couple's finances. According to a new national survey* by, the most popular legal information website, married women between the ages of 18 and 34 are the most likely among married people to play a significant role in managing the couple's finances, and less likely to squabble with their spouses about money.

"We found that younger women, in many ways, are the most money-savvy among married couples," said Stephanie Rahlfs, an attorney and editor with "We sought to understand how couples manage their money, how much they fight about money, and how much they know about their financial situation. Younger women are the most likely - among men or women of all ages - to take on responsibility for understanding and managing the household finances, and do it without fighting about money issues."

Many Putting off Wedding Plans & Family Life Thanks to the Economy

Nearly one in Five Delaying Major Life Decisions

It certainly should not be a surprise that the worst economy since the Great Depression is causing many Americans to postpone major life decisions like getting married, having kids or getting a divorce. Such choices can translate into hefty financial investments and undue stress when the future looks so uncertain.

A new national survey released last week found that 18% of Americans say they are putting off such decisions because of economic concerns. More specifically:

  • 10% are putting off marriage or delaying having children
  • 6% are delaying adoption or considering adoption
  • 4% Four percent are delaying divorce

Delaying such decisions most deeply impacts younger adults and those with lower incomes:

  • 40% between the ages of 18 and 34 say they are waiting to get married and have children
  • 35% of those earning less than $35,000 per year are also opting to wait for happier economic times.


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More than Half of us Know a Victim of Foreclosure

As the bleak economic climate lingers, more Americans are being forced into foreclosure on their homes. FindLaw today released data from its latest survey that found a staggering one on three (31%) Americans know someone who has lost their home to foreclosure, and another 27% who are in the process of foreclosure.

In response to these types of findings, and the increasing numbers of FindLaw visitors seeking ways to avoid home foreclosure, has launched a new online section called Foreclosure and Alternatives at

The new section offers free and helpful information the topic of home Foreclosure and related, including:

  • Foreclosure Basics - What is foreclosure?
  • Understanding loan modification and other options for avoiding foreclosure
  • Understanding your mortgage
  • Avoiding foreclosure & loan modification scams
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • State-specific foreclosure assistance and information.
  • Podcasts, videos and other tools for avoiding and surviving foreclosure

Click here to see the full press release with key foreclosure tips and to learn more about the FindLaw survey.

More Information on Foreclosures, Debt Management and Real Estate:

Even if You Don't Own Much, a Will is Important

FindLaw's June 2008 survey that found "60% of American Adults Don't Have a Will" continues to garner attention. Today for example, The North Virginia Daily cited the survey in a local piece about "Last Wishes" classes for those interested in learning the importance of creating a will.

Estate Planning is one of FindLaw's most popular topics and provides helpful information and resources for those who wish to create a will, trust, or power-of-attorney. Even a basic will outlining your wishes can be useful in the event it is needed and can help your family avoid a lengthy probate process.

American Entrepreneurial Spirit is Alive & Well

Last Monday FindLaw released a survey that found 60% of Americans have started or considered starting their own business. A number of small business blogs including Travel Agent Central, CEOSelf and small business columnist Jan Norman picked up the release.

This week FindLaw proudly launched its own small business blog called Free Enterprise written by in-house attorney editors and providing current legal news & information for the small business community.

Go it Alone - With Help

FindLaw's small business section offers a wealth of free up-to-date information on the topic and is a great starting point for understanding the legal implications of starting a business, finance and taxes, and hiring employees. FindLaw even offers low cost do-it-yourself forms for structuring a business, or filing for a patent or trademark.

It's a good idea to hire a qualified professional like a small business lawyer or accountant to help with important issues when starting & running a business; And experienced small business people recommend learning from the mistakes and successes of others. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is another excellent resource for free or low-cost advice from seasoned business owners and executives willing to help new entrepreneurs establish and grow their businesses.