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Update: Oklahoma Abortion Law Temporarily Restrained

We posted earlier about the new Oklahoma abortion law that would require posting of details of women who have abortions in the state on a public website.  The information posted online would include date of abortion, age, education, marital status and race of the mother, among other details.  The new legislation was challenged in a lawsuit brought by two women alleging violation of the Oklahoma state constitution.

It was enough to give the presiding judge reason to halt enforcement of the controversial new law.

The presiding judge this week issued a temporary restraining order to the planned enforcement of Oklahoma House Bill 1595.  The law was to be enacted beginning November 1st 2009.  The court is expected to rule on the state's request to dismiss the temporary restraining order before November.

At a national level, women in the U.S. have the constitutional right to pursue abortion based on precedent of Roe v. Wade, reaffirmed by Planned Parenthood v. CaseyHowever, states can pass laws to regulate abortions and can make decisions regarding funding.


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