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Legalese From A to Z: 5 Legal Terms Beginning With 'F'

Legalese From A to Z - FindLaw

Some seemingly complicated legal issues are actually fairly straightforward, once you know the lingo.

Known as legalese, the specialized language used by lawyers, judges, and government officials can often make it difficult for laypeople to understand legal proceedings or correspondence.

That's why we're going through the legal dictionary letter by letter as part of our new series, Legalese From A to Z. This week, we look at legal terms beginning with the letter "F":

If you need help with defining a legal word or phrase, check out FindLaw's Legal Dictionary for free access to more than 8,200 definitions of legal terms. Or just wait for next Sunday, when Legalese From A to Z will explain five more legal terms you may not know, beginning with the letter "G."

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