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Seasons change. People change. And circumstances change. And what worked previously may not work so well anymore. That can apply to anything in life, from our job or place to live to a marriage or child custody arrangement. But some changes aren't so easy to make.

So, if it's time to change a child custody agreement or modify a custody order, when is it too late?

Changing Account Information After Divorce

Do you remember with great anticipation getting ready to tie the knot? There were all those tasks that needed to be done, like getting a copy of the marriage certificate, contacting the Social Security Office about changing your name, changing your name with the DMV, opening up joint credit cards, and getting both names on the property deed of your new forever home? Well, after a divorce, you have a similar laundry list of things to do. And perhaps the most important is changing account information.

How Can a Mother Lose Custody of Her Child?

Gone are the days when mothers are presumed to be the "chosen parent" for physical custody. Today, all states adhere to the "best interest of the child" standard in determining both legal and physical custody of children. Courts generally believe that children mature best when both parents are active in their lives. But don't be fooled. Mothers can lose custody for a variety of reasons, and once it's gone, it may be difficult to regain.

While for many families the holidays are a time to come together, that's not true, or always possible, for some families. And while some child custody arrangements go smoothly and everyone is on the same page, that also is not always the case, and the holidays can exacerbate any existing custody issues.

Regardless of your situation, a little foresight and preparation can avoid making the holidays a battle ground for child custody disputes. So here are a few words of legal wisdom when it comes to shared custody this holiday season.

Legal Tips to Handle Marital Separation During Divorce

Sometimes the only way to go is out, and divorce is the best option. But divorces can take years to finalize and often the first, and perhaps most important step, is legal separation. Though often overlooked, the day you walk out may be the most important day of your divorce. Set yourself up to win with these tips.

Avoid Cyberstalking During Divorce

Temptation pulls at our heartstrings, and it can be at the very core of a divorce. But if you are tempted to lurk on social media to find out what your future ex is up to, even if it's just for legal discovery, make sure you don't blur the line between investigation and cyberstalking. Cyberstalking is a crime, and can really disadvantage your position in divorce hearings.

November, appropriately, is National Adoption Awareness Month. When families are giving thanks for their blessings, many are thankful for their adopted sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters. Families can grow and change in so many ways, with adoption just being one of them. But adoption isn't so easy as just adding a family member. Adoption can be a lengthy and complicated legal process.

Here are a few of the biggest legal considerations and questions when it comes to adoption.

Can You Get Parental Leave for Adopting a Child?

In recent years, parental leave has become a major employee benefit, and that includes adoptive parents. Adoptive parents stand on equal footing with birthing parents on many parental leave laws, including the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and many state leave acts, as well as employer-offered benefits.

If you are adopting a child, read on to find on what rights you and your family are entitled to.

Can My Divorce Lawyer Withdraw From Representing My Case?

Sometimes divorce attorneys are like house cleaners. In order to get the best help, you need to be totally honest about what you need, why you need it, and what problems might be coming down the road. Often, there are embarrassing messes that have to be dealt with; sometimes they are your messes, sometimes your spouses, and sometimes your kids. Only by being honest about what you want, and sometimes being pretty nit-picky about it, will you get what you need.

But can this all get to be too much? Can your divorce lawyer withdraw from representing your case? The answer may surprise you.

Reminder: Divorce Will Get More Expensive in 2019

Tax changes affecting divorce settlements are set to take effect January 1, 2019, and some divorcees may be singing a modification of an old country tune, "My spouse got the gold mine, and I got the shaft."