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Judge Invalidates California Life-Ending Drug Law

Whether it's euthanasia, abortion, or the death penalty, life-and-death issues are highly controversial and hotly debated. Talking heads rankle over the issues and politicians use them as rallying devices. In an ongoing debate out of California, an end-of-life law seems to be meeting its own end as a judge has ruled it was unconstitutionally approved by lawmakers.

Restraining orders and protective orders can apply to several different situations, from criminal domestic violence and stalking charges to civil lawsuits. And there are a variety of distinct types of orders and conditions they may contain.

But how long do you have after a crime, domestic incident, or lawsuit to file for a restraining order? Here's a look.

Delaware, New Jersey Ban Child Marriage

Many cities in California have banned plastic bags at grocery stores. In Ohio, it's illegal to get a fish drunk. And in New Jersey, you are not allowed to sell handcuffs to anyone under 18. But you know what is still legal in all 50 states? Child marriage. This feels like one of those things we really should have dealt with a while back. Well, a few states are finally making it a priority, as Delaware and New Jersey race to be the first to ban child marriage entirely.

It may seem odd: you just gave birth to your child, you're just getting settled at home, and maybe finally going through some mail that piled up, and you see a letter addressed to your new baby. And it's not just any letter -- it's a bill from the hospital, for vaccinations, "newborn nursery," or even out-of-network services.

So why might your baby get billed for its birth, how do you plan for it, and are you responsible for paying the bill?

Last week, actor and comedian Bill Cosby was convicted on sexual assault charges stemming from an incident that happened last decade. A total of 60 women have come forward with similar accusations, spanning almost 40 years. So why isn't he facing criminal charges in all the other cases? Mostly due to statutes of limitation -- legal time limits on criminal charges.

These time limits can vary depending on the type of crime and even the state in which the crime occurred. So how do you know when it's too late to file criminal charges?

Depending on where you live, adding a furry (or feathery, fuzzy, or even scaly) member to your family can be relatively easy. In other states, it might not be so simple. California, for instance, recently restricted sales at pet stores to rescue animals only. And Chicago passed a ban on so-called "puppy mills" in 2015.

So how do you find out what the pet adoption laws are in your state? We're here to help.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: "Everything ends badly, otherwise it wouldn't end." And while there are exceptions to that rule, when it comes to breakups, the exceptions prove the rule.

Jilted exes can take the end of a relationship hard. And although not all exes turn into stalkers after a breakup, it's far too common for a better half to feel threatened by their former partners. And if your exes unhappiness with the split turns in to stalking, you do have legal options to keep you safe. Here are three things you can do if your ex is stalking you.

Spring Break Travel Tips to Avoid Legal Issues

Spring break is the glorious week in which college students get a break from school to do what they wish. But, even though spring break seems to have become synonymous with partying and freedom, there are still certain rules to be mindful of when it comes to spring break travel. The following are some tips to avoid legal issues during your spring break travel.

Major Changes to Florida's Gun Laws

With another deadly school shooting serving as the final straw, Florida lawmakers have made significant changes to their gun laws, despite fervent opposition from the NRA and a long history of permissive legislation.

While the final bill signed by Florida governor Rick Scott does not include everything activists sought, such as an assault weapons ban, it does change the minimum age and waiting period for gun purchases, bans bump stocks, and affects both security and mental health services on school campuses.

The new law, passed by a majority-Republican legislature, includes six major changes to Florida's gun laws:

Can a Hotel Check Your Room If You Post 'Do Not Disturb'?

Many hotel guests want privacy, and giving guests what they want is good for hotels. So as more hotels and casinos announce regular check-in policies for guest rooms, questions are being raised over the wisdom and legality of the universal 'do not disturb' placard. The answer might surprise you.