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New year, new you. And while you might've already made resolutions to eat better, exercise more, and watch less TV, if your resolutions don't include some legal planning, you might be missing out.

So, FindLaw put together five legal resolutions to add to your list, to get your 2019 started off right.

There are some times when you might not need an attorney. Insurance companies take care of a large part of car accident claims these days. You can probably make your own argument about why you were or weren't speeding that day (and, in any case, a speeding ticket is relatively cheap). Even some divorce filings can be filled out by the parties and submitted without legal representation.

The immigration process is probably not one of those times. Between filing deadlines, supporting documents, and the amount of paperwork, filing for citizenship or residency is not something you'll want to take on by yourself. So, if you are hiring an immigration attorney, how much will it cost?

The clock is always ticking. At least, it can feel that way when you have a legal matter looming, or a legal question lingering. From contracts and policies expiring, to payment deadlines, to whatever the statute of limitations is, knowing exactly when something is going to happen, or when it needs to happen, is essential.

So here are 10 of those essential legal deadlines to help you out:

You did the right thing; you looked at all the reasons to hire a lawyer, and you did. The only problem? You might've hired the wrong one.

Maybe you had your suspicions early on. Maybe you disagree with your lawyer's strategy. Or, maybe you're just angry about the outcome of your case. Either way, you want to get a new lawyer. But when is it too late?

Maybe you just saw the red and blue flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Or a landlord handed you a 60-page lease. Or you're wondering if getting married so quickly was such a good idea.

There are a million reasons why you might need a lawyer, including quite a few you haven't thought of yet. So, here are the top 10 reasons to get one on your side.

It seems like every time we read about a legal decision, whether in a civil or criminal case, the losing party is promising to appeal. And one of the great features of our justice system is that very few decisions are final -- many legal rulings, whether by judges, juries, or administrative officials are subject to review via an appeals process.

But that process can vary depending on the type of case and the kind of appeal being filed. Accordingly, the time limits on when an appeal can be filed with vary as well. So, here's a look at a few types of those appeals, and the deadlines for each:

3 Tips to Become an Expert Witness

Are you interested in becoming an expert witness? If you have the requisite background, enjoy controversy, and have a passion for righteousness, this could be the job for you. Here's a few tips to potentially launch your next career, or side-hustle.

You start hearing it when you're a kid: "That will go on your permanent record." But how permanent is that record? You may have heard about someone getting their criminal record sealed or expunged, presumably wiping the slate clean. But how does that process work, what kinds of crimes can be expunged, and do you have to tell anyone once it's done?

And, most importantly, when is it too late to get your criminal record expunged?

Most of us have one or two secrets. After all, isn't that what incognito internet browsing is for? Some of these can be as innocent as a couple indecent websites, while others can be criminal convictions, hidden assets, or illegitimate children. And past skeletons in your closet can affect future legal cases.

Your lawyer will likely ask you to give her all relevant information about your case. But when do you need to bring skeletons out of your closet and into your lawyer's office?

Some of us are chronic procrastinators. And those that aren't get things done ahead of time because they know exactly when their time is up. Either way, it helps to have an idea when it's too late to get something done, legally speaking. And those deadlines (and related legal requirements) can vary depending on what it is you're trying to do.

So, here's a list of legal deadlines, from our "When Is It Too Late..." archives: