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Shrimp Shortage in Fried Rice Prompts 911 Call

Fortune: Follow Your Instincts This Week and You Will Become a Nationwide Laughingstock 

A Texas woman on Monday called 911 to complain about the amount of shrimp she received in a fried rice dish at a Fort Worth restaurant. According to the Associated Press, on a tape of the 911 call the customer can be heard asking the operator, "to get a police officer up here, what has to happen?" Well, let's see. Not. This.

By the time police officers actually did arrive, the woman had left the scene, taking her meal and its "criminal" shrimp-to-rice ratio with her. 

According to restaurant cook June Lee, there was nothing out of ordinary with the entree. Lee added, "Some customers are happy. Some are not." And some end up as the lead story in the "From the Idiot Files" sections of news websites nationwide.