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Harassment Lawsuit: The Toothpick Case

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In Carlisle, PA, the nightmare is finally over for two men that were, for some time, trapped with the mentality of children.

One man/child, Richard Cantor, 56, went out of his way to throw a toothpick on "the sidewalk in front of another man's home" (The Patriot-News). The natural response from the other man/child, Brian Taylor, 43, was to do an equally ridiculous action: call the police.

When they arrived, instead of a simple littering charge, Cantor was cited for harassment. Only recently did the two decide to handle their harassment lawsuit out of court and save the tax payers from funding their absurd "He started it" circus.

PTSD From Wedding Day

Recently, a newlywed has hired a New York personal injury lawyer to represent her in a case involving risqué pictures that were taken before her wedding reports the NY Daily News. Apparently, her photographer snapped some shots of the bride in her undies getting into her dress then posted them on her website.

The bride even told the photographer not to take pictures while she was putting on the gown, but as the suits says, "Monstra took photographs of plaintiff's person in her underwear and in various stages of undress anyway" (NY Daily News).

It seems like her New York personal injury lawyer has more than enough to work with from ignoring the customer's wishes and posting images in public that make her uncomfortable and mortified; however, the keyword of the suit is that the bride developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the ordeal.