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March 2011 Archives

Police Find Burglar Locked in Storage Unit

If you're going to live the life of a burglar, you're going to need to spend some time planning your escape routes.

After all, you can't rob someone if you can't actually take anything off the property, right?

Burglar Ronald Dennis of St. Joseph, Missouri never learned this lesson. Trying to rob a storage unit over the weekend, he found himself locked inside.

Dumb Laws: Dumbest Laws Involving Sex

One would have expected the sexual revolution and women's liberation movement to have stripped legislative codes of sexist laws and sex laws.

Not so.

Clinging onto days past (though some would say days present), some states have continued to enshrine ridiculously dumb laws that restrict sexual activities and punish men for a woman's choice. Or stupidity. Whichever.

Here are some of the best dumb laws around. And yes, it's appropriate for work.

Dumb Laws: Dumbest Laws Involving Carnivals

We're back with another installment of Dumb Laws, and guess what?

We're talking about carnival folk today!

Now, you have to remember that before there was religious intolerance, there was religious intolerance. People were a bit afraid of anything that wasn't part of a Judeo-Christian lifestyle, and they took it out on their fellow countrymen.

How did they do this? Well, the states pretty much collectively outlawed carnivals.

Dumb Laws: Dumbest Laws Involving Animals

Whether you think the law is dumb or there are just dumb laws, you can't deny that legislation sometimes goes a bit too far.

And no, I'm not talking about light bulbs. Not destroying the earth is good.

Because dumb laws are plentiful in this little country of ours, it was difficult to choose just which laws to highlight. Seeing as how everyone loves a good animal story, our subservient (and sometimes not so subservient) friends seemed like a good choice.

So, here you have it: dumb laws involving animals.

Lady Gaga Puts the Squeeze on Breast Milk Ice Cream

The last person one would ever expect to accuse an item of being distasteful and "nausea-inducing" is Lady Gaga. 

After all, she wears meat dresses and performs drenched in (hopefully) fake blood. But when it comes to someone cashing in on her provocative image, she's in it for the kill.

Breast Milk Ice Cream: Is 'Baby Gaga' Treat Safe?

Gourmet ice cream is booming these days, with shops popping up from coast to coast. Frozen superstars create unique and intriguing combinations--flavors like milk chocolate tarragon and Guinness gingerbread.

If you think your local parlor is pushing the envelope with similar flavors, think again. Because The Icecreamists, an "edgy" ice cream shop out of London, is ripping that envelope right open and tearing it to shreds. They've done the unthinkable--they've gone back to the basics. Yep. They're using human breast milk.