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April 2011 Archives

Jury Acquits Man of Stealing 99-Cent Hot Dog

Hot dogs are a big deal in this country, even if they only cost 99 cents.

But try telling that to the jury in Cheney, Washington that has just acquitted a man who was accused of stealing a "bronze" German sausage from a local grocery store.

Is 'Therapy Kangaroo' Legal? Okla. Woman Fights to Keep Marsupial

Typically, patients that are prescribed emotional support animals purchase domesticated pets. A dog, maybe a rabbit.

Christie Carr of Oklahoma has decided to break that mold and has acquired herself a 'therapy kangaroo.'

Unfortunately, the city isn't exactly fond of the kangaroo, who may no longer be a Broken Arrow, Okla. resident after May 3.

San Francisco Circumcision Ban May be on Nov. Ballot

Will a circumcision ban in San Francisco make, eh, the final cut and appear before city voters in November? Where else, other than San Francisco, would such a question even be posed to voters?

Lloyd Schofield, the man spear-heading the effort to outlaw male circumcision in the city, claims to have already collected more than half of the required signatures for a petition to put the issue up for a popular vote on the city's November ballot.

As you might imagine, the proposed law has drawn widespread criticism from Jewish groups who practice circumcision as an important religious ritual.

Judge Calls Gambler's Bluff on Restitution by Poker

Very few people out there can earn a living off of poker--even if they dedicate 15 hours a day to computer play.

But one New Mexico con-man thought that he could beat the odds, asking a judge to delay his sentencing so he could earn money to pay back his victims.

His plan? Restitution by poker.