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Is there another company insurance salesman would rather work for than Munich Re? So when exactly would Munich Re's Ergo unit have crossed the line into an insurance company hostile environment, with these "motivational opportunities"?

New photos have surfaced, showing Ergo insurance salesmen snorting white powder at a party in September 2010, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Ergo is the same subsidiary of reinsurance giant Munich Re we wrote about last week, regarding an orgy thrown for top insurance salesmen in 2007.

The new photos, published last week in the German tabloid Bild, show agents snorting white powder from a table top at a motivation party held on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca.

According to Munich Re, it's not what you think.

'Kid for Sale' on eBay: Woman Puts Girl, 2, up for Auction

There are two types of people in this world:

The kind that wish they could get rid of sell a kid on eBay and those who would immediately freak out if they ever saw an ad touting a kid for sale.

This story involves both of types of people--a 20-year-old Michigan woman who offered her cousin up on eBay, and a buyer who just wanted the ad to be taken down.

Utah Solicitation Law Makes 'Acting Sexy' Illegal

Recent changes enacted by a new Utah solicitation law appear to have made "acting sexy" illegal, according to a federal lawsuit filed on behalf of two Salt Lake City escort services.

Putting aside the miracle that Utah is actually home to escort services (and strip clubs!), the law criminalizes the performance of lewd acts to indicate that a person wishes to exchange sex for money.

In other words, the changes made to Utah solicitation law make it illegal for a person to expose or touch herself--or "act sexy"--as a means to convey that she is a prostitute.

How will officers know whether a self-groper is a drunk co-ed, a stripper, or a prostitute?

Good Samaritan Finds Wallet, Gets Wallet's Owner Arrested

A Good Samaritan's found wallet, an arrest. Yes, a found wallet has led to it's owner gettubg arrested. By turning over the wallet in question to the police, someone's good act led to the Parker County arrest of Clayton Neil Stewart, 18, in Texas.

In a bizarre twist, police became suspicious when the wallet, found near a boat dock at Old Tin Top Road, contained 3 ID cards from other men from Utah, California and Texas, reports the Star-Telegram.

Stewart was contacted by police, where he said that he was simply collecting the identification cards that he had found. He was later arrested with fraudulent use and possession of identifying information, a felony.

Now that's an incentive plan. But don't you think an American version of the recently-reported German insurance orgy would run into, uh, regulatory problems.

A German insurance conglomerate has confirmed that in 2007 it rewarded its 100 best salesmen with an orgy at a Hungarian spa with 20 high-class prostitutes, reports the Daily Mail in London, quoting Handelsblatt.

We think we can safely say salesmen in this case. 

German reinsurance giant Munich Re, now owner of the German insurer Ergo and its subsidiary Hamburg-Mannheimer, says Ergo event organizers even issued color-coded wrist bands to indicate which services partygoers could enjoy, reports the Mail.

Student Crushed by Cow Sues University

Holy cow. College student Nicole Nelsen was in the middle of a Cal Poly San Luis Obispo dairy science course when an unsupervised 1,400-pound cow broke into the mobile shed where she was working on artificially inseminating another cow and crushed her leg.

Whoa Nellie, that's a whole lotta beef. And now Nelsen has a beef with the school.

Nelsen's attorney alleges that the instructor was not present at the time, and left two students in charge of the cattle and the course. She is now suing the university for negligence in the maintenance of the facilities, and its failure to properly supervise the cattle which led to her injury, reports The San Luis Obispo Tribune.

Teenage Suspect Caught at Home Depot Trying to Cut off Handcuffs

If you were a low-level fugitive in need of handcuff removal, where would be the first place that you would go?

To your family? A friend? How about the Home Depot located 1 mile down the road?

If you chose the last option, you might be just as stupid as Michael Jay Scott.

And that's saying a lot.

Did Florida's Anti-Bestiality Law Outlaw Sex Entirely?

In Florida, bestiality is now outlawed. But, did they accidentally outlaw sex entirely?

The new Florida statute reads that a person may not "knowingly engage in any sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal."

Let's consider: what are humans? Are we not a type of animal? Humans definitely aren't fungi, or bacteria, or plants. Or algae.

No, we are mammals. Living, breathing mammals. And animals.

Mich. Man in Batman Costume Caught While Hanging Off of Roof

Ever wonder why in movies, the Dark Knight is always running away from both the Joker and from the police? It's because carrying concealed weapons, being a vigilante, and trespassing are all crimes, even if you are Batman.

Arrested while wearing a Batman suit and carrying what seems like a wide arsenal of weapons, Mark Wayne Williams, 31, is now facing some serious charges stemming from an arrest in Michigan.

Cops were called when Williams was seen hanging off the side of a building at around 12:40 a.m., reports The Petoskey News-Review.

Feds to Auction Unabomber's Sunglasses, Typewriter

Ted Kaczynski.

He made the black hoodie famous at least ten years before Mark Zuckerberg even became a blip on your radar.

He has his own manifesto and some hardcore aviators.

Want a piece of him? Check out the Unabomber auction.

Thieves Return Superman Historical Marker

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, with x-ray vision and the ability to punch through concrete with a bare fist. Superman has a super long list of amazing abilities, and maybe one of them scared some Superman thieves into returning a stolen plaque honoring the hero's creators.

An Ohio Historical Marker plaque honoring Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, who lived in Glenville, Ohio when they dreamed up Clark Kent in the 1930s, was stolen last month. The thieves made off with their loot by sawing off the pole that held up the plaque.

Man Tased, Arrested for Running Naked in Ohio Marathon

Exposure to legal consequences can occur at the drop of, well, a pair of running shorts. Just ask the runner whose naked marathon ended with him arrested and tased by police.

Police tased an Ohio man for running naked during a Cincinnati marathon. Brett Henderson, 35, told police his running shorts fell off inadvertently during the race.

Police were not amused.

Is that Rooster Disease Free? NJ Town Limits Chicken Hookups

New Jersey's Hopewell Township is putting the kibosh on free range chicken sex.

Unlike their human counterparts, roosters located within city limits will no longer be able to freely sow their seed, transmit disease, and then crow about it.