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June 2011 Archives

Self-Driving Car Law: No Need for Human Driver in Nevada

In a move to keep up with the predicted wave of the future, Nevada became the first state in the country on Monday to pass a self-driving car law.

In other words, it will soon be legal in Nevada to kick back, relax and text while driving.

As long as your car is doing the driving for you.

As always, blame Google.

Man Smoking Pot in McDonald's Drive Thru Busted by Cop Behind Him

Jose Barrera was arrested for smoking pot in a McDonald's drive-thru lane in Illinois.

Maybe Barrera had a case of the munchies, or maybe he just wanted to preemptively buy some snacks when he did have some cravings, but whatever the case - he really should have looked in the rear-view mirror.

As it turns out, he had lit up at the McDonald's drive-thru without noticing that the car right behind him was a police car, reports CBS News.

Top 5 Dumb Marriage Laws

In an ode to morality (and perhaps absurdity), there have been a lot of dumb laws that have graced the pages of this country's statutory compilations. And though they span dozens of topics, nothing--nothing--beats those that fall into the category of dumb marriage laws.

An odd mixture of superstitious, intrusive, practical, and downright bizarre, these laws regulate everything from prank marriages to evil mother-in-laws.

For a peek into this wonderful world, here are our top 5 dumb marriage laws.

Inmate Escapes Prison, Knocks on Prison Guard's Door, is Caught

A prison escapee knocks on a prison guard's door and gets caught. Sounds like a bad joke, right? Well, for prison inmate James Edward Russell, it was all too true.

Russell had escaped from the Olympic Corrections Center near Forks in Washington State last week, reports the AP.

He was in the middle of serving his fourth prison sentence since 1993. His most recent sentence was for theft and forgery, the AP reports.

Judge Sends Two Miss San Antonios to Pageant After Legal Dispute

Miss San Antonio Dominique Ramirez, 17, was stripped of her crown after she was allegedly told that she needed to "lay off the tacos" during a bikini photo shoot.

Sad, as nobody likes jabs to be made about their weight - especially during something as skin-baring and revealing as a bikini shoot.

Officially, pageant authorities claimed that Ramirez lost her crown because she was insubordinate, reports USA Today.

Dunkin Donuts Robbers Get Dough: Steal Donuts by Mistake

Three donut robbers are currently behind bars in Hyannis, Massachusetts after getting busted for trying to hold up a local Dunkin' Donuts.

Unfortunately for the men, aged 19 to 21, instead of making off with a bag of dough, they made off with a bag of donuts.

Indeed, the only green inside the stolen bag probably belonged to the sprinkles.

Contortionist Hides in Suitcase to Steal from Travelers' Luggage

How far would you go for a theft? Would you squeeze yourself into a suitcase? One contortionist thief would, in an elaborate two-person suitcase theft scheme aboard an airport bus in Barcelona.

Sometimes, when a friend goes on a trip that we wish we could go on, we jokingly say that we wish we could hide in their suitcase. Well, these two men certainly brought a whole new dimension to "hiding in a suitcase."

Fresno Woman Sets Brush Fire After Locking Keys in Car

Ever been stuck on the side of the road? Wanted to get the authorities' attention? For one Fresno woman, a brush fire did the trick.

Jena Liberty, 48, was driving towards Manhattan Beach, reports the Contra Costa Times. Her car broke down near the I-5 and Highway 138, north of Santa Clarita, at around 4 a.m. - a time of night where foot and car traffic is minimal.

She exited her car, and tried to call for help using the callbox on the side of the highway, but to no avail. She then discovered that she had accidentally locked her keys in her car, reports the Times.

Ice Cream Truck Feud: Cops Tell Drivers Turf War Must Chill

Can't we all just get along?

That's what Theodore Finnell and a rival ice cream man in Uniontown, PA were asked last week after Finnell's wife informed police that a year-long ice cream truck feud had escalated into a potentially dangerous and rocky road war.

With permits on the line, the two must now work together and chill out.

From the perspective of Theodore Finnell and his wife Patty, an unnamed rival ice cream man has been harassing them for the last year, reports WTAE-TV.