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August 2011 Archives

Obama's Uncle' Arrested for DWI, Tells Cops 'I'll Call White House'

Police in Farmingham, Mass. arrested President Obama's uncle, 67-year-old Onyango Obama, on suspicion of driving under the influence over the weekend after he nearly collided with a police cruiser while rolling through a stop sign.

Slurring and unsteady on his feet, the man, who has no actual relationship with the President, told police that he would "call the White House" when asked whether he wanted to contact someone about arranging bail.

The White House's response? No comment.

Sisters on College Wrestling Team Tackle Hit-and-Run Suspect

Brittany and Brienna Delgado, wrestling sisters who take to the mat for Oklahoma City University, used their moves for a different purpose on Saturday when they chased down a hit-and-run driver, tackling him to the ground and keeping him subdued until police could arrive.

The pair, who have been wrestling since a young age, didn't think twice about going after the suspect, who is incredibly lucky that neither he, nor the girls and their grandma, appear to have been injured by the incident.

Justin Bieber 'Kidnapping' Plot Thwarted at Fla. Mall

Teenyboppers don't fret - authorities thwarted a Justin Bieber "kidnapping" plot over at a Florida mall last week. The thief, David Dowling, 23, and an unnamed juvenile accomplice decided it would be a hilarious joke to nab a Justin Bieber cutout from a F.Y.E. store.

Well, the joke is on them.

It seems the thieving pair has proved that stealing a life-sized cutout is the complete opposite of "inconspicuous." An assistant manager from the store chased the duo and retrieved the cardboard cutout, reports E! Online.

Minecraft Wants to Settle Gaming Lawsuit with 'Quake 3' Duel?

Gamers, if you haven't heard of the Minecraft Quake duel, listen up.

In the face of threatened legal action by Bethesda Softworks, Notch, developer of indie building game Minecraft, has challenged the company to an epic Quake 3 battle--a delightfully appropriate way of settling Bethesda's trademark infringement complaints.

And proof that some disputes are better resolved through virtual feats of strength.

Wiener Wars: Oscar Mayer, Ball Park Beef Over Hot Dogs

Perhaps Chicago Judge Morton Denlow put it best when he opened the Sara Lee/Kraft lawsuit with the words, "let the wiener wars begin."

Kraft, maker of Oscar Mayer, and Sara Lee, which makes Ball Park, are suing each other over hot dogs.

Their beef with each other? Deceptive advertisement practices. Both sides allege that their hot dogs are the best. But, like most superlatives, the "best" indicates that there should only be one top dog.

Nude Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Statue to Display in Dallas?

Residents of Dallas, Texas, are about to be graced with yet another disaster-piece created by Daniel Edwards, the artist who saw fit to sculpt a nude Britney Spears giving birth on a bearskin rug.

This time, he's created a nude Justin Bieber statue, placing the teen heartthrob next to his also very-nude girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Though the Biebs' underage nether-regions are covered by a very patriotic maple leaf, this statue may very well be child porn.

Mayor Crushed 'Illegally Parked Car' With Tank: Posed for Photo Op

If you're the Lithuanian mayor of the country's capital of Vilnius, and your constituents are deeply concerned with the increase of illegally parked cars around city streets, what would you do? Well, one option as mayor is to crush a car with a tank in order to send a message.

Okay, crushing an illegally parked car is certainly not the usual punishment for parking violators. Usually, those who park in bicycle lanes in the city might have to pay a fine, or maybe get their car towed. Not the strictest forms of punishments.

And certainly not as severe as getting your car run over by a tank.