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September 2011 Archives

Man Posts Phony Craigslist Ad: 'Soccer Man Looking for Group Sex'

Connecticut man Philip Conran, 44, posted a Craigslist orgy ad. So wherein lays the problem?

Conran didn't post the ad for himself. Locked in a dispute with his next-door neighbor, Conran made her the target of the phony orgy.

The ad read: "40 [year-old] married West Hartford soccer mom... looking for group sex!"

Apparently, there's a big audience out there for orgies. The Craigslist ad sent about a dozen men to Conran's neighbor's house, according to The Hartford Courant.

NY Man Patents Guide to Build Ultimate Snowman

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is rewarding innovation, one snowman patent at a time. Inventor Ignacio Marc Asperas of Melville, New York discovered how to build an ultimate snowman and patented his idea.

He was granted the patent rights on Monday.

The newly-patented snowman building procedure was officially dubbed the "apparatus for facilitating the construction of a snow man/woman."

And no, this patent wasn't a joke. In fact, Asperas wrote in one of the first lines of the patent application, "The following is not a joke patent. It's completely serious and is a serious undertaking to obtain a patent."

S.F. Nudists Should Sit on Towels, Rep. Weiner Proposes

Unsuspecting tourists might be a little surprised when walking through the streets of San Francisco. Currently, there is no S.F. nudity law that makes it illegal for nudists to walk around in the buff. And, some nudists take this to heart, baring all while strolling through city streets and eating at local restaurants.

Until now, that is. S.F. Supervisor Scott Wiener is about to put a dent in some nudists' plans.

Wiener has recently introduced legislation that would force nudists to put some sort of covering (a towel would suffice) down before they plunk their junk down onto a public seat, reports CBS News.

French Judge Orders Man Pay $14,000 to Wife for Lack of Sex

Here's a warning to all you husbands out there: if you don't "perform" enough during your marriage, you may have to pay your wife damages over a lack of sex.

Put another way, French husbands may be legally obligated to satisfy their wives - or else face legal sanctions.

A 51-year-old Frenchman has been ordered to pay his ex-wife about $14,000 in damages over a lack of sex in their 21-year marriage. Was the wife not found to be liable at all, here?

The husband, identified only as Jean-Louis B, says that he suffered from "tiredness and health problems" throughout their marriage which led to him not performing as often, according to the New York Daily News.

Let this be a warning to husbands everywhere. Satisfy your wives or risk a financial judgement like Jean-Louis'.