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October 2011 Archives

FL Students Get X-Rated Porn Gifts from Their School

There are many ways to reward students for a job well done. But this isn't the route most school would go. About 160 Jay Elementary students received a surprise "gift" from Florida administrators this week: X-rated slap-bracelets.

The bracelets were rewards for students who excelled in their fundraising efforts.

The offending items are made out of recycled metal tape measures that are then covered with a colorful cloth. They are meant to be "slapped" onto a student's wrist. Unfortunately, one student became a little curious and removed the cloth covering.

'Criminal' Penguin Caught on Camera in Antarctica

Criminal penguins are the worst of their kind, and now there's evidence to prove it.

A crew filming a colony of Adelie penguins on Ross Island, Antarctica captured fascinating footage of penguin theft in action. The video depicts a male penguin stealing stones from a neighbor's nest.

On an island with approximately 250,000 males, it's the best nest that ultimately nets the best mate. Spurred into action by such harrowing odds, the criminal penguin is shown stealing a single rock each time his compatriot turns away.

Federal Govt. Grows, Sends Pot to 4 Select U.S. Citizens

Would you like to get a package of pot from the government?

If you do, you're out of luck.

There are only a handful of Americans who legally get these "special packages" in the mail. One of them is Elvy Musikka, an Oregon woman who suffers from glaucoma. She's part of a relatively unknown federal program that administers medical marijuana.

Those itching to sign up for the program should be warned: the program is now closed and is no longer accepting new patients. At one point there were 14 Americans enrolled in the program. Only 4 remain.