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November 2011 Archives

A convicted kidnapper is suing his former hostages, saying they breached an "oral contract" to hide him from police in exchange for money.

Jesse Dimmick, 25, of Aurora, Colo., is serving an 11-year sentence for kidnapping newlyweds Jared and Lindsay Rowley in 2009, when Dimmick was a fugitive, The Topeka Capital-Journal reports.

Dimmick was wanted for questioning in a man's beating death in Colorado. He led police on a chase, then took the Rowleys hostage at knifepoint in their Topeka, Kan., home.

It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp...

… and in the courtroom if you’re Anthony McCord, a Brooklyn pimp seeking expert status.

A pimp since 2000, McCord requested that a judge qualify him as an expert witness in pimping. He would like to explain the lifestyle and the pimp-prostitute relationship to a jury.

What jury, you ask? That would be the jury tasked with deciding his guilt. McCord is currently under prosecution for the rape and robbery of a prostitute.

And if there’s any question about it, he’s representing himself.

A Florida judge apologized and has offered to recuse himself from a case, after he insultingly called a man a "sexual predator" -- in traffic court.

Courtroom video shows Seminole County Judge Carmine Bravo revving up to berate the man, who was charged with driving without a license.

The judge apologized days later, driven by TV news reports that added fuel to the controversy.

Cell Phone-Sniffing Dog to Roam Rikers Island Prison

Dogs. They sniff bombs. They sniff drugs. They sniff bodies. In some countries, they sniff fruit. But now, they sniff cell phones.

And those cell phone-sniffing dogs are headed to New York's Rikers Island, where they will fight crime from the inside out. By roaming the prison's halls and sniffing out smuggled cell phones, that is.

And at $6,000 a pop, one can only hope these dogs are worth the fee. And that they can track contraband better than their human colleagues.

Man Charged for Slapping Female Officer on Butt

Most people know that if you want to avoid jail time, you really shouldn't anger a policeman. For example, if you slap an officer on the butt, you might be getting yourself into trouble.

First, you're drawing attention to yourself.

Second, you've probably earned the officer's ire.

That's exactly what happened in the case of 21-year-old Taylor Valentine of Madison, Wisconsin.

Woman Throws Wet Tampon at McDonald's Worker: 'My Life is Ruined'

Amateur Australian model Rebecca Leigh Crimmins, a woman who threw a tampon at a McDonald's worker as a prank, says her life is ruined. That's right, the woman who threw the tampon throwing claims she is the victim here.

Crimmins, 27, threw the offending object early as some kind of joke.

But now, the Australian says that people are overreacting to the incident. She was even fired from the Noosa Surf Life Saving Club after her tampon-throwing escape.