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Enjoy Alcohol? It May Soon Be a Job Requirement in Utah

Would you like to be rewarded for your vices? How about your love of alcohol? Then it may be time to move to Utah.

Two of the state's top regulatory spots will soon be reserved for burgeoning alcoholics if state Rep. Brian Doughty gets his way. He's proposed legislation that would make recent liquor consumption a prerequisite for at least two members of Utah's alcohol commission.

Ostensibly, that would mean at least two members can't be Mormon.

A Pennsylvania man faces charges in connection with allegedly walking naked around a Walmart store, putting on a stolen pair of socks, and spitting in a police officer's face.

Surveillance video shows Verdon Lamont Taylor, 32, of Downington, Pa., taking off his clothes in a Walmart parking lot about 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 15, Philadelphia's WCAU-TV reports.

Taylor -- who stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 300 pounds -- then walked naked into the Walmart, grabbed some socks from a customer-service counter, and put on the socks, video shows.

Walmart employees called police.

Fat Tuesday is just around the corner, so what better way to prepare than to take our T.G.I.FindLaw! “Phat Friday” Mardi Gras Legal Quiz?

From the number of police in the French Quarter to the number of attorneys in the ‘Nawlins bar, see how many Mardi Gras- and law-related trivia questions you get right:

The Questions

1. What proportion of New Orleans police officers will be deployed to the French Quarter for Mardi Gras?

Retrial Ordered After Judge Falls Asleep

You know how they say "you snooze, you lose"? Well, as it turns out if the judge is the one that falls asleep, you don't lose. You get a retrial.

At least that's the case in Sweden.

A Swedish judge fell asleep during some legal proceedings. As a result, a retrial was ordered. And the judge will no longer be presiding.

T.G.I.FindLaw! Criminal Planning Makes Perfect Edition

A getaway plan is the most important part of committing any crime. No, really -- what's the point if you can't even leave the scene? You're practically guaranteeing yourself a few days behind bars.

To prove this point, this week's edition of T.G.I.FindLaw! will focus on some of the week's less prepared criminals. We're talking botched getaways galore.

And for some reason, they all live in Florida.

An accused drunken Zamboni driver's not-so-smooth moves at a kids' hockey game may land him behind bars, thanks to Minnesota's DWI law.

Joel Keith Bruss, 34, of Apple Valley, Minn., worked part-time as a Zamboni driver, smoothing the surface of an indoor ice rink. But at a pee-wee hockey match Monday night, Bruss' alleged drunken Zamboni driving gave spectators chills.

Bruss couldn't drive in a straight line and kept bumping into the rink's walls, witnesses told Minneapolis' WCCO-TV. (Bruss also forgot to spray the rink with water during his first four loops around the ice.)

Man Steals 5-Ton Glacier for Designer Ice Cubes

Ice ice baby. Glacier ice ice baby.

That's all a Chilean man wanted this week when he drove down to the country's Patagonia region. But his trip ended early when police tossed him behind bars.

He's accused of stealing approximately 5 tons of glacier. The Jorge Montt glacier, that is.

Yeah, guy's a bona fide glacier thief. And probably proud of it, too.

Some married couples just need a vacation from one another's annoying foibles. But for those seeking a more permanent split, the "Divorce Hotel" offers a weekend getaway you'll never forget.

Yes, the Divorce Hotel -- where heartbreak goes hand-in-hand with a continental breakfast.

Actually, the breakfast part depends on which hotel you're staying at. The "Divorce Hotel" program takes place at a number of high-end boutique hotels across the Netherlands, Fox News reports.

Here's how the Divorce Hotel works over there -- and why it may not work as well on this side of the pond, depending on where you live:

Soccer Player on Injured List Because of Too Much Sex

An AC Milan soccer player is injured from having too much sex -- at least according to his girlfriend. Actress and model Melissa Satta divulged this raunchy detail about her beau Kevin Prince-Boateng to Vanity Fair.

Satta says Boateng is often on the club's injury list because of their active night life. She claims they have sex around 7-10 times a week.

The soccer club issued a statement detailing Boateng's medical woes. He did have an injury during the team's latest match-up against Inter. Boateng had a "muscular lesion in his left thigh." He is expected to return to the field in about four weeks if all goes well.

Now, you may be wondering right about now if you could conceivably take time off for a sex-related injury.

Google Fined $650K by Court for Making Google Maps Free

Tech giant Google has been ordered to pay 500,000 Euros, or roughly $650,000, to a competitor by a French court. French company Bottin Cartographes had complained the company was engaging in some unfair competition.

Why? Because Google offered its map services for free.

The nerve! How could they do such a thing? Offering something for free? That is totally not cool.

TGIFindLaw! Beware Toothless Bank Robbers and Denture Thieves

Teeth are important. No, this isn't just some silly thing your dentist tells you. It's the truth. Think about all those deliciously crunchy foods you eat. You think you could chow down with only gums? Think again.

This week's edition of T.G.I.FindLaw! delves deep into the human psyche. It will make you wonder: how far would you go for a set of teeth? How much are your pearly whites really worth? And how important is it to invest in a good denture cream?

IL Man Calls 911 Looking for a Fight. Cops Show Up to House and Oblige

If you want a fight, take up boxing. Go to a country bar. Play a video game. Find a sibling. Hit yourself in the head.

Just don't call 911 looking for a fight. No, not even if you're drunk and you have some lingering anti-police aggression. And definitely not if you're a sex offender with a long criminal record.

When John Pacella of Willowbrook, Ill. didn't heed this advice, he landed himself a cozy spot in the DuPage County Jail.