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April 2012 Archives

Lousiana Man Didn't Know It Was Illegal to Bash Mailboxes

Deputies in Metairie, Louisiana caught up with a local mailbox basher on Sunday after he spent his weekend destroying the city's letter receptacles.

Resident Matthew Burghardt is accused of mowing down ten mailboxes with his pick-up truck, including his neighbor's -- twice. When asked about his hatred for the curbside collectors, he told deputies that he didn't know destroying them was illegal.

No, folks. We are not making this up.

Woman Hurt During Sex on Business Trip Entitled to Worker's Comp

Get laid on a work trip, collect worker's comp.

At least if you live in Australia, where a judge has ruled in favor of a government employee. The unnamed woman was on a business trip in 2007 when she decided to get down and dirty in her motel room bed.

A wall-mounted lamp fell on her head. Not as embarrassed as she should have been, she filed a worker's compensation claim.

"Dude, what's what smell?" may be a common refrain come Friday, as a mile-high university tries to snuff out an annual "4/20" marijuana smokefest with the unwanted smell of fish fertilizer.

"We're at that point where we're saying, 'Enough,'" a spokesman for the University of Colorado at Boulder told Denver's KUSA-TV. "We don't want this on our campus."

In recent years, as many as 10,000 people have converged at CU-Boulder for a mass marijuana-smoking rally at 4:20 p.m. on April 20. CU officials have tried various anti-4/20 strategies to no avail, for example:

To Buy an iPad, Teen Sells His Kidney

Are iPhones and iPads worth a kidney?

One Chinese teen used to think so. Authorities have charged 5 individuals with "intentional injury," accusing them of illegally harvesting a 17-year-old's kidney. A surgeon, a hospital contractor and the organ brokers shared in approximately $32,000.

The boy, who sold his kidney to buy an iPad and an iPhone, was only paid about $3,500.

'Llama Man' Blames Nutmeg for Spitting in Strangers' Faces

A pinch of nutmeg can do wonders for a bowl of homemade mac n' cheese. But add too much? Well, then you may have a problem. Just ask Sweden's Llama Man.

The unnamed 28-year-old first came to the attention of local law enforcement in January, when he ran around town spitting on people like a llama. And on Friday, he was sentenced to four months behind bars after a judge convicted him of making illegal threats and harassment.

He blames nutmeg for his bizarre behavior.