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May 2012 Archives

Iran is Pissed, Ready to Sue Google Over Naming of Persian Gulf

Iran isn't too happy with Google right now. The nation is threatening to sue the Internet giant because it failed to include the name "Persian Gulf" in its maps.

"Omitting the name Persian Gulf is (like) playing with the feelings and realities of the Iranian nation," Ramin Mehmanparast said. Mehmanparast is a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry. He said Google has been "treated as a plaything," CNN reports.

Iranian officials accuse Google of intentionally removing the word "Persian Gulf." But if the country decided to actually file a lawsuit, could it actually be heard?

Converted 'Slambulance' with Stripper Pole Has EMTs Upset

A converted ambulance is creating some controversy in Texas. Local EMTs are upset over the "Slambulance," a retired emergency vehicle transformed into a party van complete with stripper pole.

Paramedics at MedStar, a Fort Worth ambulance service, are saying the vehicle is misleading and dangerous. The owners of the Slambulance plan to use it for parties and events, reports. 

The retired 1997 Ford ambulance is painted red and blue. "DFW Cougar & Kitten Rescue" is written in white letters on all sides and the vehicle even lights up.

But is it legal?

Crime doesn't pay, especially when you forget to log out of Facebook.

A pair of alleged armed robbers learned that the hard way, after police arrested them for holding up an Internet cafe, MSNBC reports.

The blundering criminals at first appeared to be regular patrons, signing in and renting two computers. But when they got up to settle the bill, they flashed their handguns, cleaned out the register, and sped away on a motorcycle.

Their status as successful robbers, however, didn't last long.

Sometimes, it's OK to text while you drive. Like if you've just been kidnapped.

That's what recently happened in New Haven, Conn., after a woman was kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to make ATM withdrawals around town.

Somehow, the kidnapper didn't notice the 26-year-old woman was texting their every move to her boyfriend, who then told the cops, the New Haven Register reports.

The 5 Worst Kids of the Year

As Mother's Day looms closer, you may feel the need to take stock of just how well you've raised your kids. Have they always been perfect? Probably not. But they're probably decent enough to buy a card or make a short phone call on Sunday, right?

If not, just remember that it could be worse. Not only could your children have made your life infinitely more difficult up until this point, they could have made this list. So take pride in the fact that your little ones don't even come close to being one of the worst kids of the year.

Man Forced to do Michael Jackson's Moonwalk at Gunpoint

Who's bad? Apparently John Ernest Cross. He forced another man to "moonwalk" at gunpoint, the Bonner County Daily Bee reports.

Idaho sheriff's deputies arrived at Cross' home after receiving a report that the 30-year-old was on drugs. Cross was allegedly holding a rifle at a man while demanding him to do Michael Jackson's iconic dance move.

So what does one get for forcing someone to pay tribute to Jacko at gunpoint?

Obiwan Kenobi Arrested for Hit-And-Run in California

A man named Obiwan Kenobi was arrested for suspicion of felony hit-and-run over the weekend in California. Apparently the force was not strong with him that day.

Investigators believe Kenobi, 37, was driving a green Toyota when he caused a five-car crash back in March. The accident caused multiple injuries. Kenobi allegedly fled the scene afterwards. The Jedi master was also wanted on an unrelated misdemeanor petty theft charge.

So what kind of punishment is Kenobi facing?