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June 2012 Archives

Call it vestiges of New England Puritanism. Last week, a small town in Massachusetts made news with a ban on swearing. This week, Rhode Island is in the news for rescinding a law that made it illegal to lie over the Internet.

What's going on up in the Northeast lately?

Passed in the nascent days of the Internet, when there was still fear of the unknown world wide web, the Rhode Island legislature passed an Internet law that made it a crime to tell a fib over the Internet, reports the Los Angeles Times. Perhaps not foreseeing the emergence of online dating, message boards, and other forums where lies and exaggerations proliferate, almost every citizen of Rhode Island could have been branded a criminal in the time since the law passed.

A dinosaur arrest warrant issued and a dinosaur seized in this case of International intrigue, smugglers, and legal warfare between Mongolia, United States, and possible victims of fraud.

The dispute centers around the ownership rights over a 70-million-year-old dinosaur skeleton valued in the millions.

Mongolia says it's theirs. Private buyers have their claim after spending more than a million at auction. And the U.S. is caught in the middle.

Politician Caught Having Sex in Forest by Hidden Wild Life Camera

Wild life cameras generally capture animals but this one caught a politician in a moment of privacy.

To be fair, politicians are a class of mammal that comes under a fair amount of scrutiny by the public and his actions were certainly wild. But the Carinthia Hunting Society in Austria which owns the cameras probably had other animal observation in mind.

The Society set up hidden cameras in hunting zones that are off-limits to foot traffic in order to monitor forest wild life. What they got was some footage of an unnamed Austrian politician in a particularly amorous encounter.

A Michigan man’s seventh DUI arrest didn’t take place behind the wheel. Instead, cops found him allegedly drunk behind the joystick of a motorized wheelchair that wasn’t even his.

Raymond Kulma, 55, of Sterling Heights, Mich., failed several sobriety tests in his alleged wheelchair DUI in the Detroit suburb of Utica, police told WDIV-TV. His blood alcohol level was 0.241%, more than three times Michigan’s legal limit of 0.08%.

Kulma is a repeat DUI offender, but police were initially called to investigate a separate incident that was also likely fueled by alcohol.

Wedding bells won't be ringing anytime soon for Nikoleta Karoly. Especially after she allegedly tried to choke her boyfriend for refusing to marry her.

Sheriff's deputies in Collier County, Fla., arrested Karoly, 24, after a fight with her boyfriend at her home, the Naples Daily News reports. Though the dispute was mainly over the wedding Karoly was hoping for, her drive to get married wasn't entirely motivated by love.

It was more about getting a new immigration visa, a sheriff's arrest report states.