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August 2012 Archives

Man Pees on 301 Breathalyzer Tests After DUI Arrest

For anyone who has ever urinated in an inappropriate place while drunk, you have now been topped. 

Ran Scott Thompson, of New Zealand, was brought to the police station on drunk driving charges. After the 26 year old failed the Breathalyzer test, the arresting officer began to process his arrest paperwork. 

Unfortunately, an odd noise broke the officer's concentration, reports TIME Magazine.

Beauty College Students Forced to Trim Pubic Hair, Lawsuit Claims

Wax on, wax off, right?

The Dahl College of Beauty in Missoula has been rocked with sexual harassment allegations, expelled students, and worst of all: trimmed pubic hair, reports the Courthouse News Service.

As you can surely imagine, what came next was a lawsuit.

Stripper Cleared of Charges. He May Have Shown Part Monty

If you see Sergeant Eros approaching, you'd be well advised to cover your eyes. You see, he is not your everyday officer. Nay, he is no officer at all. 

He is a provider of adult entertainment. He is also a free man after facing a two day trial over public indecency charges, reports STV.

The genesis of the legal trouble was a hen party (known as a bachelorette party here in the colonies). The hen's fiancé had hired Sergeant Eros, whose real name is Stuart Kennedy, to provide a little bit of humorous entertainment to the party, which was being held at La Bamba in Aberdeen.

Man Stole Marijuana from Cops Because it 'Smelled So Good'

You remember those days as a child when Grandma was baking? You could smell those muffins from a mile away. They smelt so good that you just had to sneak one.

And you remember when you were a bit older and there was that girl at the local Walmart, and her booty just looked so good that you just had to grab it?

That same irresistible impulse that led to your obesity and a short jail stint must have been what overcame 27-year-old David Allen Thompson of Charleroi, Pennsylvania. According to MSNBC, he was visiting the police department to provide information to Officer David Kimball on an unrelated case. They walked into a patrol room, where lo and behold, the most magnificent of smells attracted Mr. Thompson.

Name That Drug: Lady Passes Out in Tanning Salon, Gets Arrested

A bronzed woman allegedly under the influence of intoxicating substances was taken into custody in Louisville, Kentucky last week after she was found in a disoriented state at the Sun City tanning salon, reports the Courier-Journal. The police were summoned after Katrina R. Jackson, 27, failed to emerge from a private room in the salon after her twenty minutes were up.

Mindful of their obligation to provide darker pigmentation to all, the Sun Tan City employees first knocked on the door to the tanning room after Jackson had gone ten minutes over her allotted singeing. 

They continued to knock for thirty minutes, then they contacted authorities.

'You're Being Robbed' Protest Sign Gets Man Arrested for Bank Robbery

Easton Pennsylvania police are being criticized after they arrested an Occupy protester who was holding signs inside a Bank of America.

In their defense, one sign said "You are being robbed" while the other referenced armed bank robbery.

Police were defending their actions before robbery charges against David Gorczynski were dropped. "We can't allow the perceived idea of protesting to be a defense to criminality," said police Chief Carl Scalzo.

But in some cases you might. Like this one.

A Tom Petty scam by a real-life heartbreaker tricked a wealthy executive out of $165,000, a criminal complaint asserts.

Amazon senior vice president Brian Valentine, 52, went online (where else would an Amazon executive go?) to book Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers to play at his wedding last month, The Smoking Gun website reports. But instead, Valentine got played himself.

When Valentine discovered the alleged fraud, he apparently decided "I Won't Back Down," as Tom Petty himself might say. So Valentine called in private investigators and the FBI.

Mitt Romney is not having an affair with Crystal Gray of Clinton, Tenn. But try telling that to Gray's live-in boyfriend, who punched her in the face after seeing Romney's pic on her Facebook page, a sheriff's report states.

Lowell Turpin, 40, also allegedly grabbed the couple's shared laptop and smashed it against a wall upon seeing the GOP presidential candidate's square-jawed face smiling back at him online. Turpin was arrested for domestic assault.

Suffice it to say Turpin doesn't really follow politics. But he does seem to have an alleged penchant for domestic violence, according to an arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun website.