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September 2012 Archives

Alcohol Enemas Get Tennessee Fraternity Suspended

Butt chugging? That's what the kids are calling it. Alcohol enemas are the new big thing on college campuses and frats, and apparently the practice is very dangerous.

Not sure that I get the appeal of sitting around with a bunch of guys and sticking rubber tubing... up there. But hey, whatever floats your boat fellas.

Anyway, the practice of alcohol enemas is disturbing to college administrators despite it being very gross, as it poses a serious health risk. Apparently, the anus gets filled with blood capillaries and vessels just waiting to sop up alcohol, reports CNN.

So when you stick rubber tubing up your butt and shoot beer up it, your body can absorb alcohol much faster. You're bypassing your kidney.

Bear Steals Fisherman's iPad

It's not bad enough that you have to worry about other humans taking your tech gadgets. Now you also have to be wary of technophile bears that steal iPads.

Jesse Dinkel went out on what he thought would be a relaxing fishing trip in San Bernardino on Sunday. But while the party was hanging out and fishing, their picnic supplies were ransacked by a bear. On his first trip the bear took a backpack that contained an iPad.

Not satisfied with his prize, the bear came back for more picnic food. Dinkel caught the second heist on video, reports Los Angeles KTLA-TV.

Don't Grin and Bear It: N.J. Bans Big Smiles in License Pics

Everyone knows that the DMV is no fun. In fact, in New Jersey (where the DMV is technically called the MVC, or Motor Vehicle Commission) they've gone so far as to ban big smiles in their license photos.

Just in case people were enjoying themselves too much while waiting in line, New Jersey is putting a stop to it. It's one of several states with a "neural facial expression" rule when it comes to license photos.

It's not that the Garden State wants to hide the great time its residents are having while they wait to renew their licenses. There is actually a reason behind the policy: New Jersey doesn't want people to smile because they want citizens to look like androids.

Lawyer's Leopard-Print Underwear Photo Causes Murder Mistrial

Leopard-print underwear may not be appropriate for trial but at least no one will see it unlike the photo of it that attorney Anya Cintron Stern posted online.

Cintron Stern's client, Fermin Recalde, had his family bring him clean clothes for his upcoming trial, including his leopard-print unmentionables. She snapped a photo of the underwear and posted it to Facebook, asking why his family thought it was appropriate for court. The public defender made the post private but someone on her friends list saw it and it was reported to the judge.

What could have been a mildly amusing 'Mean Girls' moment became a big headache for Cintron Stern when people found out about her flippant remarks.

Lovestruck Girl Steals Brother's Car, Drives 800 Miles for Xbox Love

Move over OkCupid and eHarmony, teenagers looking for love apparently turn to Xbox. Or at least one teenager did.

13-year-old girl Elizabeth 'Beth' Robinson fell head-over-heels for a 12-year-old named Dylan that she met over Xbox. Her parents got nervous about the online romance and told her not to contact him anymore. This didn't go over well.

With all the impulsiveness of a teenager, Robinson decided to go see Dylan anyway. The problem? She lives in Texas and he allegedly lives in Kentucky.

Heavy Metal Gets Woman Arrested 4 Times in 26 Hours

Joyce Coffey is one tough lady and she is a big fan of heavy metal -- so much so that she got arrested four times in 26 hours for it.

Between 3 p.m. Tuesday and 5 p.m. Wednesday last week, Coffey was arrested four different times for offenses related to heavy metal. The 53-year-old New Hampshire resident's first run-in with police involved her allegedly blasting AC/DC and Guns and Roses.

They arrested her Tuesday afternoon and released her on $500 bail. But that wasn't the last they saw of her that day.