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Ronald McDonald Breaks Restraining Order by Entering McDonald's

Ronald McDonald got in some trouble when he went into a McDonald's restaurant in violation of a restraining order against him.

There hasn't been a falling out between McDonald's and their cheerful clown mascot. The clown wasn't even involved in the incident. Instead this concerns a real man living in England named Ronald McDonald. His ex-wife took out a restraining order against him in September.

But McDonald violated that order when he followed his ex-wife into a McDonald's restaurant. She brought him back to court to settle the matter which led to some amusement.

It seems a certain undertaker plaintiff must have forgotten his "safe word." He brought a lawsuit against his dominatrix for inflicting too much pain, keeping him confined, and robbing him.

This is like a customer suing a car wash for making his car too clean.

Even the German judge presiding over the case was stumped, so the court ordered the dominatrix to pay 200 Euros (about $260) to a local charity as penance, reports Reuters.

Bears Brazenly Steal 100 lbs of Honey Worth $1,200

Winnie the Pooh is famous for his love of honey but at least he's not implicated as part of a group of bears that is stealing honey in Seattle.

Ballard Bee Co. lost more than 100 pounds of honey during a robbery that occurred sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Beekeepers are pretty sure the culprits walk on four legs and use their paws to get what they want.

There's no sheriff that's going to go out arresting a bunch of bears. But if they did those bears would wish they'd stuck to berries and fish.

Cocaine for Votes: Political Leaflets Had Cocaine Attached

Politics has always had a 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' attitude to it and Carme Cristina Lima went for it by offering voters cocaine in exchange for their votes.

It was a generous if entirely misguided effort to win the position of councillor of Itacoatiara in Northern Brazil. Police got suspicious when long lines of people were crowding around Lima's car on election day. When they went to investigate the crowd ran and Lima tried to make a quick getaway in her car.

When they caught up with her, police found hundreds of cocaine packets attached to leaflets on voting for Lima. Say bye-bye to her political career but not for the reason you think.

Red-Dyed Cash Used at Strip Club Foils Suspected Bank Robber

As a bank robber, the last thing you want to do is make a statement by handing out dollar bills covered in red dye.

Maybe Todd J. Kettler was just color-blind or perhaps he thought the crimson cash was normal with the red interior lighting. The bank robber used the cash to pay for services at the Angels Gentlemen's Club in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Instead of making it rain, he got caught by the cops.

The strip club's manager reported Kettler to police for using his red-dyed cash and they used that evidence to arrest Kettler.

Colorful cash makes a statement and that statement is 'criminal.'

The party's over for Florida kids hoping to hop into a pool with alligators. The state says so-called "gator parties" are unsafe, for both children and adults, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Who came up with this wild idea? The owners of Alligator Attraction in Madeira Beach, Fla., offered the reptiles for rent at local pool parties. Small gators, less than 4 feet long with names like Cupcake and Burger, swam alongside children in backyard pools at a cost of $175.

The gators had their mouths taped shut as a safety precaution. But that wasn't good enough for state inspectors.

Irish Tourist Stole 2 Cannoli at Knifepoint, Gets Deported

Sometimes we all crave dessert - that need for sugar can be overwhelming. So when the urge for sweets overtook Irish tourist Robert McTernan, he stole two cannolis from a bakery in Boston's North End.

McTernan held up the store with a knife at 3 a.m. and took two ricotta-cheese cannolis with him when he left. The pastries were valued at $5 for the pair, apparently too rich for McTernan's wallet. He admitted to stealing the pastries last month.

In exchange prosecutors dropped the charge of armed robbery and reduced it to larceny. It's a better outcome for McTernan but it still means he's not getting more of those cannolis any time soon.

Pot Dealer Tries to Eat Marijuana Plant to Destroy Evidence

When police arrived at Jeremiah Carmody's home he tried to destroy the evidence of his marijuana plant in a creative way: by eating it.

Police arrived at the man's Scranton, Pennsylvania home with a warrant on Monday and Carmody panicked, or maybe he just got a little hungry. Whatever the reason, police say he tried to eat his pot plant before they could stop him. But it wasn't enough to save him from arrest.

Carmody was charged with several drug-related charges, according to The Times-Tribune. He destroyed some evidence but police found plenty more.