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Woman Reports Chicken Stolen From Crock Pot

Who stole the chicken from the… er, chicken pot?

This bizarre police report shows a crime worthy of the Hamburglar. A victim in Northern Virginia reported that someone stole a chicken from her crock pot as it was cooking.

For those who don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a crock pot is a cooking device that cooks the food slowly. It’s also called a slow cooker. To put this crime in context, it’s actually a pot with a lid, that plugs into the wall.

Pregnant Woman Fired for Premarital Sex

A pregnant employee at a Christian college says that she was fired for having premarital sex.

The woman, Teri James, claims that this is wrongful termination and has filed a lawsuit against the San Diego Christian College, reports ABC. She's being represented by noted woman's rights attorney Gloria Allred.

James had worked as a financial aid specialist at the college when rumors started circulating that she was pregnant. After confirming the rumor, James claimed that the school told her that she could either quit or be fired.

'Pastafarian' Driver's License Photo Flap Triggers Police Response

Remember "Pastafarians"? Those delightfully quirky followers of the "Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster"? Well it appears that getting a driver's license is one of their downfalls. Or at least, it's problematic for one devout young man.

Aaron Williams, a 25-year old from New Jersey, went in to have his driver's license photo taken. But he wanted to do it while wearing a Pastafarian head covering -- i.e., a pasta strainer.

Officials at the DMV (called the Motor Vehicle Commission in New Jersey) told Williams that head coverings were only allowed for religious purposes. This was less than satisfying to Williams.

Love Bites: In Valentine's Kiss, Man Loses Chunk of Tongue

There are some crazy Valentine's Day stories out there, but this one takes the cake. A woman in Skokie, Illinois, was arrested after she allegedly bit off a large piece of her boyfriend's tongue.

And she didn't bite off his tongue as he attacked her, or as a way of defending herself either.

According to NBC News, police reports indicate that she bit off her boyfriend's tongue as he was trying to show her some tenderness and affection.

Lehigh University Student Gets C+, Sues for $1.3M

A former Lehigh University grad student is suing the school for $1.3 million over a C+ she received for her therapy internship.

As can be expected, a Pennsylvania judge expressed uneasiness over potentially changing the grade, reports The Express-Times. Perhaps the court system should not be "injecting itself" into the academic process, the judge said.

But he allowed the case to continue anyway, over the objections of university lawyers.

5 Ways Love Can Lead to Lawsuits, Legal Action

Love can be a many splendid thing... until it leads to a lawsuit. Love-gone-wrong lawsuits can be particularly nasty.

After all, hell hath no fury like a woman (or man) scorned.

As you figure out how you'll be celebrating Valentine's Day, here are five ways that romances-gone-sour can lead to lawsuits and other legal consequences:

Drone Strikes on Americans: Should You Be Concerned?

The U.S. government may use drone strikes to kill U.S. citizens abroad under specific circumstances, according to a confidential Justice Department memo that's been leaked to the press. Should you be concerned?

As you may know, drone strikes against terror suspects in the Middle East and South Asia have dramatically increased during President Obama's administration. The legal justification for these fatal drone strikes abroad has largely been kept secret.

So if you're enjoying a day at Euro Disney with your family, could you suddenly get shot down by a drone? Not really, unless your actions give the U.S. government reason to hunt you down, according to the 16-page Justice Department memo uncovered by NBC News.

For example, you may be targeted by a U.S. drone strike if:

Hookah Robbery Report Gets Teen Busted for Growing Pot

Who knew that a pair of stolen hookah pipes would lead police to a teen's alleged pot growing operation?

Police in Lincoln, Nebraska, stumbled upon the cannabis plants when they responded to a call about two hookah pipes that were stolen in an alleged armed robbery.

The cost of the stolen hookahs: barely $35. But the look on the teens' faces when police noticed a not-too-well-hidden indoor marijuana grow in their house? That was probably priceless.