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March 2013 Archives

Pa. Groundhog Indicted Over Inaccurate Winter Prediction

Pennsylvania's famed groundhog prognosticator Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow this year, supposedly signaling an early start to spring. However, the weather has not cooperated in many parts of the country. So officials in Butler County, Ohio, have "charged" the groundhog and even drafted a fake indictment of the rodent.

As tradition has it, if Punxsutawney Phil does not see his shadow on February 2, that means there will be an early spring. That's what happened more than six weeks ago.

But despite spring's official arrival last week, many Ohio residents were disappointed when snow continued to fall, reports Cincinnati's WCPO-TV. Without the ability to sue Mother Nature, prosecutors in Butler County indicted poor Phil instead.

Real-Life Bart Simpson Meets Mr. Burns in UK Courtroom

They say that your name reveals a lot about you. If you have the same name as trouble-making TV cartoon character, should it be any surprise if you find life imitating art one day?

Let's ask Bart Simpson. Or rather, Barton Simpson of Eccleshall, England. He appeared before Mr. Burns in a courtroom recently, reports The Huffington Post.

No, really, he did. In real life.

Arrested Man, 71, Says Jail Was on His 'Bucket List'

A retired Ohio schoolteacher who spent three days in jail says he couldn't be happier about his experience. In fact, it was just one more thing to cross off his "bucket list."

"It was a picnic. An unadulterated picnic," Obie Cargile, 71, told The Cincinnati Enquirer about his recent time behind bars.

While spending time in jail may have been on Cargile's list of things he'd always wanted to do, it wasn't until January when the proper opportunity presented itself.

Craigslist 'Free Pot' Ads Popping Up in Colorado

Just because marijuana is now legal under some states' laws, that doesn't mean it's any easier to get a hold of it. In Colorado, however, some Craiglist "free pot" ads have made it a little easier.

Colorado voters have twice legalized cannabis for different purposes. In 2000, voters passed Amendment 20 relating to the medical use of marijuana. This law allowed patients to possess up to two ounces of medicinal marijuana and to cultivate no more than six plants, three of which were allowed to be flowering at any given time.

The only way registered medical marijuana patients could get cannabis was through a registered dispensary.

A gagged and hog-tied Brooklyn man faked his own kidnapping as a way to explain his absence to his demanding girlfriend, investigators say.

As one law-enforcement source told the New York Post: "He's a total moron."

Police say Rahmell Pettway, 36, admitted to spending two weeks away from his home. Unable to explain his extended absence to his girlfriend, Pettway allegedly came up with the fake kidnapping idea, the Post reports.

If this plan seems ill-conceived, the execution was not any better.