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April 2013 Archives

Loch Ness Monster Insurance Costs Cruise Line $1.5M

There's car insurance, home insurance, and now, Loch Ness monster insurance.

A cruise company that tours the world-famous loch purchased £1 million in Loch Ness monster insurance, The Scottish Sun reports. That's about US$1.55 million.

But in the apocalyptic unlikely event that "Nessie" (aka the Loch Ness monster) strikes, would you even need insurance? Or could such a beastly encounter fall under basic contract provisions as an "act of God"?

2-Pound Joint Confiscated at Santa Cruz Pot Rally

Leave it to a UC Santa Cruz student to construct a two-pound joint worth an estimated $15,000.

From the perspective of the toker, police patrolling the University of California, Santa Cruz campus totally vaporized the fun at a 4/20 party when they confiscated the colossal marijuana joint.

Here's a video clip of the massive joint being confiscated, which has now gone viral:

Theft is Theft: NYC Man Convicted of Stealing Toner Worth $376K

We've all done it: lifted a pen here, a post-it pack there. It gets buried at the bottom of your bag, you forget about its existence, and that's that. But one man who took his penchant for pocketing office supplies to a whole new level has been convicted of stealing $376,000 worth of copy machine toner from his law firm.


But according to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., "theft is theft."

Las Vegas Denny's Wedding Chapel a Grand Slam for Diner Fans

If you're jonesing to get hitched in Las Vegas but The Little White Chapel is packed, there's always The Large Yellow Denny's Chapel. A Las Vegas Denny's restaurant opened a full-service wedding chapel inside its dining area this week.

Nancy Levandowski and Steven Keller from Ames, Iowa, were the first couple to take the plunge in syrup-soaked nuptials, reports The Las Vegas Sun. But will their Denny's marriage be legally valid?