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'Thong Cape Scooter Man' Legal, But Barely: Police

Move over adequately clothed superheroes, Thong Cape Scooter Man is here, and the powerful sight of his underwear-based get-up is totally legal!

Wisconsin's own partially paunchy powerhouse narrowly escaped defeat by his arch-nemesis, the Madison Police Department, after reports from a local elementary school that Thong Cape Scooter Man was spotted by students in his iconic thong of justice, The Associated Press reports.

Thong Cape Scooter Man (TCSM to his fans) may have turned some heads with his cocky demeanor and garish wardrobe, but he's flying right below breaking the law.

'Bacon Bacon' Restaurant Shut Down for Smelling Like Bacon

A San Francisco restaurant called "Bacon Bacon" got shut down last Friday for, well, smelling like bacon. The aptly named restaurant may be able to reopen and resume operations, but not until a hearing is held in July.

For now, while they remain closed, a huge stink has been raised on social media (mostly from fellow lovers of pork). On top of the outpouring of support, the news of the restaurant's status going into the fryer has even received attention from national TV. Amy Poehler gave a shout-out to this piece of news in an SNL skit this weekend. "It's gotta be really tricky to walk up to a cop and complain that something smells like bacon," Poehler quipped.

In all meat-related seriousness, though, the restaurant was not just dealing with the scent of too much "porcine aroma," but many other legal issues.

Kern Kitchen's Derby Pie Is a Recipe for Lawsuits

If you've tried the Kern's Kitchen Derby Pie recipe, then you've tasted the most litigious dessert in America. The company owns a trademark on the term Derby Pie, a popular Southern confection (the picture is making my stomach growl).

Anyone can make the Southern dessert with chocolate, pecans, and lots of sugar. But after you whip it together, think twice before you call it "Derby Pie" -- or you could find yourself with a recipe for a Kern's Kitchen trademark disaster.

The intellectual property of recipes "boils down" to the difference between copyright and trademark law.

Man Feasts in Closed Supermarket, Gets Caught in Ceiling

A Kentucky man's unauthorized, after-hours supermarket feast apparently left him stuffed, but sleepy. Police found Trevor Runyon, 30, asleep in the rafters of the store's ceiling, with much of his alleged late-night smorgasbord caught on tape.

Not only did surveillance video show Runyon helping himself to six steaks, some shrimp, beer, cigarettes, and a birthday cake, but the manager of ValuMarket in Bullitt County, Kentucky, also found 57 empty cans of whipped cream in the trash, Louisville's WAVE-TV reports.

What's more, police say Runyon had soiled himself and needed to change his clothes.

What possible charges could our new favorite grocery store bandit potentially face?

'Food Porn' Gets ID Thieves Their Just Desserts

When it comes to Instagram, no one can resist "food porn" -- not even identity thieves.

For two alleged South Florida identity thieves, justice came served with a swanky Morton's steak and side of mac and cheese when a food porn photo helped investigators track the thieving foodies down.

IRS agents were long on the hunt for the man who claimed he had 700,000 stolen identities, but it was the food porn that broke the identity theft case, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports.

'Sno Cone Joe' Busted in Ice Cream Truck Turf War

An ice cream truck turf war in upstate New York may finally melt away, as the owner of a business called Sno Cone Joe could soon be forced to chill out behind bars.

Joseph Malatino, who owns the Sno Cone Joe franchise in Gloversville, New York, has threatened rival ice cream trucks in town before, but he's finally push-popped the police's buttons. His icy turf war began to thaw when Malatino and his girlfriend were arrested for taunting and threatening the driver of a rival truck called Mr. Ding-a-Ling, reports the Times Union.

Malatino, 34, and his 21-year-old girlfriend are facing a double scoop of criminal charges: harassment and stalking.

'Well-Groomed Man' Steals Condoms, Rogaine, Weight Loss Pills

The cost of metrosexual theft: $5,200. That's how much a well-groomed man's theft tallied up to after he stole a variety of bourgie drug-store items. Police are still on the hunt for the well-dressed, prolific shopper in Colorado.

Once apprehended, the well-groomed man is likely to face a high-end theft charge.