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June 2013 Archives

Yes Deer: Couple Can Keep Lilly the Doe as Pet

Lilly the Deer gets her happy ending, after all. We previously discussed the legal uncertainty of Lilly's future with her human family -- technically, the family needed to a permit to keep her.

But now, the 5-year-old white-tailed doe will be allowed to stay with the family. The humans have raised the animal from birth after her mother was killed by a car.

Attorney and former Genesee County Circuit Judge Val Washington won the legal battle with Michigan's Department of Natural Resources (DNR) over Lilly's fate, reports the New York Daily News.

'Shiftless' Fla. Carjacker Fails at Driving Stick

A Florida carjacker didn't get far with his getaway vehicle after realizing that the car was manual transmission.

Antoren "Chief Keef" Bell, 19, of Pensacola, was arrested in May following an embarrassing stint of failing to drive stick on a car he had just allegedly jacked from a Florida driver, reports The Huffington Post.

Bell is not likely to be starring in any "Fast and Furious" movies with noob car skills like that, although his attempted carjacking may let him see the movie inside from a jail cell.

Man Gets DUI on Motorized Shopping Cart

Move over boating DUIs, shopping cart DUIs are this year's coolest way for Alaskans to be intoxicated aboard a moving object.

Just like the time the Fonz jumped that shark, Merrill Keith Moses attempted to tear down walls and let the joy shine in by riding his grocery cart chariot out of the grocery store parking lot and into oncoming traffic, reports United Press International.

Despite his future place as an Alaskan folk hero, possibly even on some sort of shopping cart totem pole, Moses bummed us all out by breaking the law.

Wedding Guest Busted for Stuffing Cards, Cash Into Bra

A wedding guest arrested last Saturday clearly wasn't feeling the love and celebration in the air. Jennifer Ann Martz, 40, of Chicora, Pennsylvania, was caught allegedly trying to sneak away with cash and checks -- wedding gifts meant for the newlyweds -- by stuffing them into her bra.

Guests at the wedding noticed that 11 cards were missing from a gift table. They also noticed Martz quickly making her way to a restroom, the Associated Press reports.

According to the police, Martz attempted to flush the ripped up cards and envelopes, while attempting to pocket (or, cup?) $475 in cash and $80 in checks into her bra.

Calif. Man Arrested for Painting Crosswalk on City Street

A 52-year-old man who painted a crosswalk on a city street apparently crossed a line he shouldn't have. But according to him, it was all in the name of safety.

Anthony Cardenas of Vallejo, California, said he thought a busy intersection with three crosswalks needed a fourth. So, he actually created his own by using white spray paint, even adding zebra stripes to his crosswalk -- and to the three others nearby.

What happened next did not go according to Cardenas' plan.