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Dumb Street Racer Busted After Racing Unmarked Police Car

A dumb street racer was arrested after he pulled up alongside an unmarked state trooper's vehicle in Washington state, flashed a peace sign, and tried to race the officer.

After the racer's VW Jetta allegedly reached speeds of 120 miles an hour -- a bit too fast and too furious for the trooper -- the officer turned on his colored lights. In a state of shock, the Jetta driver hit the brakes "so hard that the back end of the vehicle was fish tailing," the trooper told The Olympian.

The 24-year-old speed demon was arrested for reckless driving as well as driving with a suspended license.

But are unmarked cop cars even legal in Washington state?

Unhappy, Cursing Juror Fined $500 for Courtroom Outburst

A Pennsylvania woman was fined $500 by a judge for audibly cursing in open court after being chosen for a criminal jury.

The ever-genteel Kathleen Port was picked as a juror in a weapons case, much to her chagrin. She thanked the court by uttering what a reporter described as "the worst curse word of them all," and was held in contempt of court by the trial judge, reports Erie Times-News.

We all know what rough seas jury duty can be, but there's no need to curse like a sailor.

5-Year-Old Witness Sketches Suspect for Police (and It's Adorable)

A 5-year-old girl's police sketch may not depict a criminal precisely, but it certainly shows a promising career as a police sketch artist.

Angelina Rector made a sketch after she caught a glimpse of a "bad guy" running from police in her Alvin, Texas, neighborhood.

You can see Angelina's sketch and hear from her in this report from Houston's KPRC-TV:

Fugitive Texts 'Catch Me If You Can,' Then Gets Caught

"Catch me if you can." That's what former Amtrak clerk-turned-fugitive Wanda Lee Ann Podgurski texted via tweet while she was on the lam.

What happens when a fugitive taunts authorities and isn't Leonardo DiCaprio being directed by Steven Spielberg and chased by Tom Hanks?

Spoiler alert: The fugitive gets arrested in Mexico by the real Fugitive Task Force.

Mugger Leaves Birth Certificate, Note From Mom at Crime Scene

A mugger in Connecticut took off with a woman's clutch wallet -- but left behind his birth certificate and a letter from his mother at the scene of the crime.

While struggling to grab the wallet, the man allegedly dropped and left behind two bags he'd been carrying. Inside the bags were clothes, shoes, toiletries -- oh, and a birth certificate for Zachary Tentoni, 26, and a letter addressed to him from his mother, reports The Boston Globe.

The alleged robber probably thought "whoops!" while police probably thought "woot!"