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Honestly, These College Football Players Aren't 'Burglars' at All

By now, you've probably heard of the exceptionally honest college football players who rolled into a closed store and took off with several items, but dutifully left cash for the goods -- with tax included.

For once, you can say "kids these days" with a smile!

It's a super sweet story about "young ruffians" who aren't actually ruffians at all. And yet, several media reports have coined the Honest Abes as "honest burglars" -- which is legally inaccurate.

Here's how the media got it wrong:

Burglar Busted After Leaving Pants, Cell Phone at 7-Eleven

In a classic "Doh!" moment, an alleged jewelry burglar in Colorado dumped his pants and cell phone at a 7-Eleven -- a decision that led to arrest, sans pants and loot.

The Bumbling Burglar was charged with four felonies and a misdemeanor, including second-degree burglary and theft.

Texting Driver Crashes Into Manure Truck in Wis.

What stinks even more than a texting driver? One who crashes into a manure truck.

Authorities in Wisconsin say that 37-year-old Matthew Bruhn was texting from behind the wheel of a rented Ford Mustang convertible. Proving that texting while driving can get you into deep doo-doo, he then crashed into a truck that was hauling a trailer filled with liquid manure.

The truck driver was luckily not injured, but Bruhn himself had to be treated for a broken finger, UPI reports.

Man Wearing 'I Make Pimpin' Look Easy' T-Shirt Arrested for Pimping

"I make pimpin' look easy," proclaimed the T-shirt on a man who was arrested and charged with... well, pimping.

Martell Davis, 34, of California, faces charges of sex trafficking involving a 17-year-old girl. When he was busted July 26, Davis was wearing an "I make pimpin' look easy" T-shirt, The Smoking Gun reports.

According to investigators, Davis made his arrest look easy too. Here's what happened:

Area 51 Exists, CIA Admits After FOIA Request

You guys, Area 51 exists! So conspiracy theorists can gloat -- sort of.

Alas, the recently declassified CIA report mentions UFOs, but it doesn't make any mention of strange creatures being kept in the area northwest of Las Vegas. The area was a real-life government facility, but the "UFOs" were apparently planes from U-2 and OXCART aerial surveillance programs.

So why were the documents only released now?

Man Edits Credit Card Terms; Bank Unwittingly Approves

To answer the question if a man can write his own credit card terms, and in honor of comedian Yakov Smirnoff, we present the following non-joke:

In America you get sued for not paying credit card bill, in former-Soviet Russia you sue credit card company!

Apparently in the land of bears, vodka, caviar, and NSA leaker asylum-seekers, Dmitry Agarkov was able to successfully draft his own credit card terms of service, which the bank unwittingly signed and was held to in court, reports Gawker.

Puppy Pincher Hides Purloined Pups in Pants

Move over Cruella de Vil, there's a new puppy thief in town, and he likes to stealthily move those dogs by smuggling them out in his pants.

A security camera in an Orlando, Florida, pet shop captured a man surreptitiously stuffing puppies, including a miniature Daschund and a pug, into his sweatpants and exiting the store, reports The Huffington Post.

It's a good thing he didn't try to swipe a Great Dane.

'Iron Man' Jet Packs for Tourists Trigger Legal Concerns

"Iron Man" jet packs are making a big splash in Hawaii -- literally and figuratively. But they're also raising some potential legal concerns.

How do they work? Basically, you strap on a jet pack that propels you through the air via pumped water. It's fun, potentially dangerous, and possibly harmful to the environment. But who cares if you look like a dolphin on steroids, right?

Well, Hawaiian officials don't agree. Here's the low-down on the jet packs and why they may soon come under heavy regulation:

'Cop Selfies' Hit the Internet, Cost Jobs

We're all aware of the allure of the "selfie," that ubiquitous form of narcissism comprised mostly of teenagers posing for self-portraits using their smartphone cameras and bathroom mirrors.

But even though this kind of digital self-expression can cost self-photographers their current (and future) employment, it seems many of our upright police officers are not missing out on the selfie craze.

Just head to a popular Tumblr account called "CopSelfies" to see for yourself.

For 'Shark Week,' 5 Shark Laws You May Not Know About

In celebration of Discovery Channel's "Shark Week," now in its 26th year, we thought it'd be only appropriate to remind you about some shark laws.

Because despite Steven Spielberg's still incredibly frightening thriller that might peg sharks as our enemies, they're not. And like many other misunderstood creatures, the law does what it can to protect and treat them fairly.

So, with that said, here are five shark laws that you may not know about:

Law Is Magic: Contracts and 'The Little Mermaid'

Fairy tales and legal briefs don't often share the same bookshelf, yet law and magic share many of the same guiding principles.

As Emily Crow Barker put it in her recent New York Times article, "if you want to dabble in magic safely and successfully, it helps to have the advice of a good attorney." And more often than not, a fairy tale protagonist faces dire consequences that could have been avoided with sound legal advice.

With that in mind, we turn to a sordid tale of an underage girl who signs a contract which would serve to enslave her -- a story more commonly known as "The Little Mermaid."