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Mystery Man Pays Water Bill With Cocaine, Triggers Hazmat Response

How do you pay your water bill? By cash, check, or credit card? According to The West Volusia Beacon, a mystery man in Florida decided to do so by cocaine. Or, was it just a generous donation to the water department? If so, somebody still needs to pay their bill.

The man, currently unidentified, walked into the water department office earlier this week and handed the cashier an envelope. The envelope contained a white powder, which triggered hazmat teams to respond. After the powder was tested, it was confirmed to be crack cocaine.

The Volusia County Sheriff's department has confirmed that the building has surveillance cameras, the Beacon reports, but his identity is still unconfirmed. What types of charges might our mystery bill-payer be facing?

Strip Club Sues Oracle Over Employee's $33K Unpaid Tab

A San Francisco strip club is suing Oracle after one of its employees "racked" up $33,540 on a company credit card during a tech conference -- and Oracle refused to foot the bill.

It's a shame Jose Manuel Gomez Sanchez, the Oracle employee and strip club aficionado, didn't pay the $33,540 in $1 bills in lieu of his Oracle-issued American Express card.

But can Oracle be liable for an employee's, um, "extracurricular activities" during its Oracle OpenWorld fest in SF?

Alaska Dividend Is $900: 9 Things You May Not Know

Thinking about moving to Alaska? Sure you'll have to deal with depressingly long winter nights and even a surprisingly high crime rate, but here's one draw: the Alaska dividend. Eager Alaskans learned this week that this year's Alaska Permanent Fund (APF) dividend will be $900.

That's lower than it's been in years past (the record payout was $2,069 in 2008), but it's still more than last year's $878, The Associated Press reports. That's a lot of smoked salmon and Alaskan king crab.

For those in the Lower 48 who are out of the loop: What exactly is the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend? Here are nine things you may not know about it:

Silver Spandex-Suited Burglar Sought by Mich. State Police

Move over David Bowie, there's a new sci-fi style icon in town. Ladies and gents, meet the Silver Spandex Burglar. A Michigan man passed on the passé ski mask regalia and opted for a bolder burglar look: a head-to-toe silver spandex bodysuit.

Who knows, maybe he's a tragic hipster and got his criminal start by stealing the silver spandex bodysuit from American Apparel? Or better yet, maybe he's a thief from the future!

Spandex bemusement aside, authorities are trying to track the Silver Fox 2.0 down because he's suspected of committing a string of burglaries.

Man Busted for Drunken Horseback Ride With Pug, Pistol

A drunken horseback ride is never a good idea. One Colorado man learned that the hard way when he was arrested for drunken horseback riding, animal cruelty, and other charges after he was seen blocking traffic and beating his (alive) horse.

But are the charges real or is it all a pile of legal horseplop?

Batman, Captain America Save Cat From Burning Building

Batman and Captain America saved a cat from a burning home -- in real life. Batman and Captain America, or John Buckland and Troy Marcum, were in costume at a nearby event when they sprang into action and rescued the furry feline from the flames, reports Charleston's WCHS-TV.

But were the superheroes legally required to come to the rescue?

'Vodka Samm' Touts 'Epic' 0.341 Percent Breathalyzer Result

The Internet got a load of a University of Iowa student's vodka-fueled antics after she tweeted her "epic" blood alcohol level with the hashtag "#YOLO."

(For our readers over 30, that stands for "You Only Live Once.")

Known to her friends and family as Samantha Lynn Goudie, the 22-year-old was arrested after allegedly trying to "jump onto the field during a Northern Illinois-Iowa game" on Saturday, reports The Huffington Post. After police restrained her, Goudie registered a whopping 0.341 percent BAC on a preliminary Breathalyzer and got hauled off to jail.

What lessons can we learn from the boozy exploits of the girl known as @Vodka_Samm on Twitter?

Should Cops Have Their Own Social Network?

Cops may be getting their own social network. Former New York City police commissioner and Los Angeles Police Chief Bill Bratton, most recently a high-profile Oakland police consultant, has created BlueLine, a social network exclusively for police officers, reports CBS. According to Bratton, BlueLine is a site officers can use to share tips, their expertise on certain issues, and post their insights and information. This social network would be accomplished securely through instant messaging, video conferencing, and screen share capabilities.

BlueLine is currently in its testing stages, and is being beta-tested among 100 officers working in Los Angeles County. The testers include officers from the LAPD, the LA County Sheriff's departments, and even the University of Southern California's campus police, reports CBS.

But is BlueLine a good idea or just another place to exchange gossip from last night's Policeman's Ball? Here are some factors to consider: