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October 2013 Archives

Jack-O'-Lantern Gets Alleged Graffiti Tagger Arrested

In the spirit of Halloween in the crime fighting world, an artistic jack-o'-lantern has led police to an alleged graffiti tagger.

According to police in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a man's decorations on a pumpkin were eerily similar to graffiti found on several properties in town, The Associated Press reports.

Bo Wenger, 22, allegedly admitted to tagging the buildings and was arrested Wednesday. He now faces a charge of felony criminal mischief.

For Nat'l Cat Day, Our Top 10 Cat-Related Legal Tales

Guess what day it is? It's National Cat Day! Every October 29, cat owners and admirers alike have a purr-fect excuse to honor some of the most popular domestic pets in the country -- and of course, the Internet as well.

In the ultimate showdown of dogs v. cats, feline afficionados will adamantly boast that cats are low-maintenance, they won't eat your homework, and they're just as great for companionship.

In celebration of National Cat Day, here 10 cat-related legal tales that we've had the honor of blogging about:

Oregon Pot Farmer Busted by Google Earth

An alleged Oregon pot farmer was busted after cops noticed a neat (g)row of plants on Google Earth -- and they weren't Douglas Firs.

Curtis W. Croft was legally allowed to grow up to 30 marijuana plants for medical purposes, but the cops found 94 plants when they raided his property.

You give 'em an inch and they want grow a mile.

But is it OK for an arrest to come not through a raid or a tip, but through satellite imagery provided by Google Earth?

Gory Halloween Decorations Scare Neighbor Into Calling 911

One Oklahoma man's grim Halloween decorations "tricked" people so well that a neighbor called 911. Johnnie Mullins decked out his yard with ghosts, tombstones, and two surprisingly realistic-looking bodies in his driveway.

The hardcore Halloween enthusiast fashioned a dummy to look like it was person crushed to death by a garage door. Will the gruesome prank get Mullins a handcuff trick or a law enforcement treat?

Man Calls 911 Over Jell-O Theft at Work

A Pennsylvania man frantically dialed 911 after someone at work allegedly stole his Jell-O from the work refrigerator.

The furious (and apparently famished) 39-year-old called the cops to report the theft of his beloved artificially flavored gelatinous snack.

But can the colleague actually face criminal charges for stealing the man's Strawberry-flavored Jell-O?

Man Blames High-Speed Police Chase on Upset Stomach

Nobody likes an upset stomach. For some, it may mean a sick day, less productivity, general discomfort in your abdomen area, but for others...a high-speed police chase? Apparently, that's what a Utah man, Jeffrey Laub, alleged as his excuse for failing to stop when the police attempted to pull him over, the United Press International reports.

Laub, 39, claims that he led the police on a chase because of an upset stomach, and he was actually just trying to reach a rest stop so he could unload. At least, that's what he told the judge. Here's a breakdown of his story and what the judge ruled:

Yale 'Poopetrator' Causing Big Stink on Campus

Who is the "Yale poopetrator"? Yale University police are hot on the heels of a serial laundry-tamperer who is pooping and peeing all over students' laundry.

Considering how much effort it takes to do laundry -- let alone for silver spoon-fed ivy league college students -- this is truly the crappiest prank to pull.

Yale Police have opened an official investigation. But will the po-pos catch the poopetrator?

During Shutdown, Some Restaurants Charge More for Congress Members

From free coffee to "Government Cheese" pizza, "shutdown specials" to furloughed employees are all the rage at restaurants and eateries in Washington D.C. But members of Congress shouldn't expect any freebie love from these joints.

At least four eateries have announced members of Congress are not only excluded from the discounts -- in some cases, they'll be charged double until they get it together and reopen the government.

Woman Quits Job via Dance Video That Goes Viral

Fulfilling every 9 to 5-er's fantasy, an American woman quit her job with a news video company in Taiwan via a two-minute video message.

The elaborate resignation video, set to Kanye West's "Gone," features Marina Shifrin dancing around Next Media Animation's office as captions at the bottom of the screen run her inner monologue.

But is a vindictive interpretive dance resignation ever a good idea?