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December 2013 Archives

DUI Suspect's Friends Try to Pick Her Up, but Get Arrested for DUI

The arrest of a New Jersey woman for a DUI led to the arrest of two friends who went to pick her up at the police station. What were they busted for? Why, DUI as well, of course.

It's just like that classic chain-letter friendship quote: "Friends bail you out of jail, best friends are sitting right next to you."

Yay, BFFs...

'Night Before Christmas' Trial: 'Twas the Verdict Surprising?

It wouldn't be the holidays without hearing "'Twas the Night Before Christmas." But some folks in Troy, New York, took it a step further by holding a mock trial to determine who the authored the famous poem.

The contested authors are Clement Moore and Henry Livingston.

So who gets your vote?

Man's Instagram Selfies Trigger Arrest on 142 Felony Charges

Who knew Instagram would be the latest crime-solving tool to help cops make an arrest? Convicted felon Dupree Johnson's selfies on Instagram led police to a group allegedly responsible for 30 to 40 burglaries in Palm Beach County, Florida, the Sun Sentinel reports.

Johnson's arrest on 142 charges of being a felon in possession of weapons or ammunition isn't the first time police have used Instagram to thwart crime.

So this begs the question: Can your attention-seeking selfies land you jail?

Which Country Owns the North Pole, Eh?

While Santa Claus and underpaid workers may call the North Pole their own, there is a real question as to which country legally owns the North Pole.

On Monday, Canada's Foreign Minister John Baird confirmed that America's neighbor to the north intends to lay claim to the North Pole, in order to seize the mineral wealth that lies beneath the ice, reports Reuters.

Which other powers are struggling to grab a piece of the North Pole?

Woman Drives 5,000 Miles to Fight Traffic Ticket ... and Wins

A Kentucky woman drove more than 5,000 miles to fight a traffic ticket she received in New Jersey, and she actually won.

Road warrior Lynda Farley, 62, drove back and forth between her ol' Edmonton, Kentucky, home and the Warren County, New Jersey, courthouse to contest a $56 ticket for "obstructed view," reports United Press International.

She probably spent hundreds of dollars in gas, but were her hard travels to triumph even necessary?