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January 2014 Archives

Denver County Fair Goes to Pot, but Without the Smoke

Denver's county fair just got a little greener with the addition of pot-themed contests to this year's event.

But pot enthusiasts hoping to score a blue ribbon should reconsider using an authentic secret ingredient. Alas, real marijuana won't be allowed at the fairgrounds, The Denver Post reports.

Here's a rundown of the various marijuana-themed contests at the Denver fair along with a few legal reminders:

Wanted Man Shares Own Mugshot on Facebook, Then Gets Arrested

A Pennsylvania man was arrested after sharing his own mugshot on Facebook.

Anthony Lescowitch was a wanted criminal until he shared his wanted photo that was originally posted on the Freeland Police Department's Facebook page. The "share" gave police a direct link to Lescowitch's Facebook page and he was later arrested, the Associated Press reports.

While Facebook posts can get you in trouble at work, how can they get you arrested?

Don't Let Nat'l Hugging Day Land You in Legal Trouble

It's National Hugging Day! The day all you Bear Huggers and Snuggle Huggers have been waiting for.

But before you move in for that warm embrace, make sure to first squeeze out any potential legal issues. After all, you don't want to end up as the resident Creepy Hugger.

Here are three ways you can hug your way into legal liability if you aren't careful:

Bad Karma Ahead for Busted Yoga-Class Burglar?

Yogis and yoginis in Berkeley can be zen once again. Police have arrested a suspected yoga class burglar who's accused of stealing from four yoga studios, a capoeira gym, and a restaurant -- all while students and customers were distracted.

Christopher D. Newton, 20, has been charged with six felony commercial burglary counts for stealing unattended wallets from yoga students while they were being mindful in class, according to Berkeleyside.

After Newton's allegedly unchill crimes, what bad karma could be in store for the accused yoga class burglar?

Viral Moose Chase Video Gets Snowboarder Fined

A totally, like, righteous teenage snowboarder was fined $250 after a video of him chasing a moose was posted on the Internet.

Wildlife officials in Montana fined the snowboarder after the video of him chasing a moose down a snowy mountain went viral, reports United Press International. The snowboarders were hitting the powder at Whitefish Mountain Resort when they crossed paths with the animal.

While the teen thinks that chasing a moose while on a snowboard is "no big deal," the Flathead National Forest Service disagreed.

One Way to Thwart a Mugger: Carry a Flip Phone

Proof that life is often stranger than fiction, an armed mugger in New York rejected a victim's flip phone -- just like a Bill Hader T-Mobile commercial!

T-Mobile's prophetic powers reveal that no one wants a dumbphone, not even armed robbers: